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Western Dragon (by Vulkan)

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"(A:TR) Ep.7: Banished Prince"

Zuko is the Fire Nation prince, main antagonist for Book 1: Water, and the son of Firelord Ozai.


Zuko is a serious teenager. Since he is a Fire Nation prince, there isn't much time for relaxation. His stubbornness will drive him to try to achieve his goal no matter what the consequence may be. Although he is mostly rough on the outside, he's not completely heartless, sometimes even compromising with the enemy just to get his own information without any trouble; any deals in the matter are debatable, but some he'll agree, so they'll share information with him. Although he has a lot of bad luck in his life, he actually doesn't want it, thinking it makes him stronger from all the danger he goes through.



Zuko's childhood was rather opposite of Aang in terms of luck. While Aang was blessed and given good luck, Zuko was actually cursed and given bad luck. His bad luck was given to him by an evil spirit called Shinoki, whose name was never found out. Throughout most of his childhood, his life had become completely terrible. He had been bullied a lot, his father started to hate him, he kept getting hurt more often than most. Zuko wasn't aware a dark spirit was causing all of this bad luck, so he just passed it by as just sad coincidence he kept getting caught up in.

Zuko begs

Zuko just before the scarring.

One day, the bad luck was taken too far. He was suddenly involved with an Agni Kai with an unknown adversary for seemingly no reason. At this point, Zuko came to expect it and went out to see...only to find it was his own father. Zuko tried not to fight his own father, but Ozai wasn't caring a bit. It was here when he finally saw the Death Tree, watching from afar. Zuko hardly had time to react, because soon after pleading, Ozai scarred him. The boy was severely broken, but before he was officially finished off, the fire spirit, Vulkan stopped Ozai from doing so. Vulkan explained to him what was really happening and proved it by attacking and showing the Death Tree to everyone present. Zuko felt like he wanted to die at that point, knowing all his suffering was from something he couldn't defeat. Even though Vulkan gave Zuko a slight blessing, he was unable to undo the exact hatred Shinoki had caused with Zuko and his family. Despite Vulkan's efforts to stop Zuko being driven off, Zuko ran away anyway, believing that he no longer had a place there.

Book 1: Water

Tracking Aang

Fire Lord Zuko

Zuko in book 1. Water.

Zuko first appeared just off the coast of the Earth Kingdom, when one of his men saw Aang's sky bison flying off by. As soon as Zuko saw it, he ordered his men into battle stations, giving the orders to shoot Appa down. After a bit of this, Zuko could see that Appa was starting to tire, so he actually called them to hold their fire, knowing they had to land soon.

After trailing them, his fleet made it to shore and were confronted by the local earthbenders. Zuko didn't care too much for them though and started demanding the Avatar's location. He kept hearing they didn't have a clue and still thought he was no longer around at this point. Zuko became rather angry and threatened to burn them when Meng spoke up. Zuko confronted the girl, telling her she was a bit young to speak up to the prince. He gave her the indication he would attack the village if no one talked and Meng told them about a sky bison she saw flying off to the north, which was what Zuko was tracking.

After traveling north for a bit, he did manage to find Team Avatar by accidentally getting soaked by an attempt of Aang to waterbend. He didn't waste any time and ordered his guards to surround them. He made a remark on how the Avatar was "just a kid", but started getting mad when Aang called him "just a teenager". He gave a warning shot, burning Appa with his fire. He tried fighting, but the battle was very fast and he was beaten by Appa. He tried getting up, but Appa knocked him down again as the team was escaping. Outraged, he made an anger-filled shout, his fire breath shooting in the sky like a volcanic geyser.

It took a while after that, but he managed to come across a travelling circus, where he was told that Ty Lee had gone missing thanks to the Avatar. After getting this information, he eventually found Ty Lee and confronted her with his soldiers. When Ty Lee showed the old wanted poster for Aang, he quickly burned it away and demanded Aang's location, thinking he was with her. As a way to lure him out, he threatened her life and nearly killed her until Aang was forced out of hiding. He immediately fought Aang for a while, until the Freedom Fighters suddenly attacked his men, leaving him outnumbered. Having no other choice, he was forced to back down.

He retreated to his base camp, where he took care of the wounded until he got a message from the Firelord, saying that Raiu will handle the Avatar for him. Later on that night, he got his wish and Raiu came back with Aang. He was going to take him, when Raiu stopped him, thinking that he should be the one to take him in instead of Zuko. As this went on, Ty Lee suddenly appeared and chi-blocked him and the others, so Aang could run away.

Zuko eventually caught up with them alongside Raiu. Zuko really wanted to fight Aang again, as a rematch, but Raiu didn't allow him that, and he was stuck pinning Ty Lee back the entire time this occurred. When Aang woke up in prison, Zuko was the first to see him and explained the situation he was in. When asked why he didn't just kill Aang, Zuko explained that the search for the Avatar would start all over again if he did that, so he needed Aang alive to go to the Firelord.

After the prison was destroyed, Zuko went out to where Appa used to be and tried to figure out where they went. He was unable to find out, when Raiu showed up. Raiu explained to Zuko that if he didn't get the Avatar, it wouldn't be just his face burned, angering Zuko even more. In the end, Zuko wanted to go find General Iroh for some help and left his soldiers in Raiu's paws. Later on that night, he found himself thinking of the day he was banished until Vulkan found him after the longest time. Zuko and Vulkan spoke for a while and Zuko was given a lot of useful information on both Iroh and Aang. The next day, Zuko returned to his soldiers and instructed them that it was time to travel on north.

As they were travelling northward, he ran into Omashu's once proud governor Hooro, whom he wanted to see and recruit. After a private talk with him, he ended up gaining more soldiers for his trip to the North Pole to capture the Avatar. When asked what to do if his plan didn't work, he simply stated that they would just wipe out the Water Tribe instead.

When both groups got onto Zuko's ship to get to the North Pole, Mai and Hooro wanted to know a bit about what the plan actually was. Here, Zuko explained the legend behind the Ocean and Moon Spirits, named Tui and La, and how they could use them to make the Water Tribe hand over the Avatar. He made it clear that he didn't intend on killing either spirit, knowing the consequences if done so. When Raiu finally showed up, he apologized to it for making it think it wasn't coming, getting a mouthful of Raiu's anger for that.

After things were cleared up, he and the rest of the fleet were found offshore of the Northern Water Tribe by Sokka and Yue. Zuko explained his plan to Raiu, who still had his doubts about it. Zuko assured them, though, that the plan would work and they had to wait until that night to start. When the night came, he gathered the men and gave the signal to start the attack on the tribe.

During the battle, Zuko fought through the waterbending soldiers and eventually found Avatar Aang, along with Raiu. Zuko fought Aang's friends and eventually managed to capture Tui, threatening to kill her. Zuko tried to convince Aang to come with him, going as far as to say he would leave everyone else alone if he did. However, Raiu knocked him aside and Zuko could only watch as it ate Tui and shocked Sokka. Zuko became witness to the summoning of Mizuomo later on and showed his respects to it to make sure it didn't try to kill him.

Book 2: Earth

After the incident at the North Pole, Zuko had managed to get a few other soldiers, including Mai, before they stopped somewhere in the Earth Kingdom. When Mai started running her mouth again, Zuko told her she was lucky to have been found at all, given the fact that others weren't found at all. Mai didn't seem to care about that and Zuko just walked off in a huff.



Zuko is rather skilled when it comes to his firebending, but it is not completely at its peak. However, he is still able to use a unique firebending technique called "dragon breath", where a firebender can literally breathe fire at will.


  • Zuko appears later in this version than in canon. Instead of appearing in episode 1, he appears in episode 7.

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