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Zuko is a scarred firebender of the Fire Nation and member of Team Avatar. Since becoming the Fire Lord, he had turned the nation for the better and was forgiven from his betrayal.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

He was walking around his palace when his servant had given him the message that Aang had gotten. He thought it over and decided to send a message to his girlfriend, Mai, saying he will be leaving for the mission.

He was picked up by Team Avatar and was brought to the South Pole, where he helped keep Toph warmed up while they were down there. He too was thrown into the thin ice with his friends when they find the very tip of the South Pole.

He woke up to the Titans leader, Robin, who had found his unconscious body earlier, and they'd both been traveling a long ways to find the others. During the whole trip, he and Robin found a lot in common with each other, like the reason they were stuck in Altonia for starters.

During their traveling along a mountain trail, Zuko turned down the slope after Robin and saw Magmus being attacked by Bracchidios. He jumps in and helped Robin drive it away with a strong blast of fire. After that he find out, thanks to Robin, of Magmus's status as a HIVE student. But unlike robin, Zuko was more reasonable and it didn't matter her status in Robin's world, thinking that it doesn't exist here. After some discussion he decides on an Agni Kai with Magmus, whoever wins decides what to do with her.

Their fight goes on for a while until Zuko finally defeated Magmus. However instead of sending her away, he keeps her with the team. But not much after that, he and his traveling friends ended up being frozen by Krokhotep.

He was taken to Krokhotep's mother. He was very angry with her and blasts her with a fire breath, not doing anything. Realizing that he was quiet the rest of the time.

S.F.C Arc

Zuko was fighting alongside Cyborg and Magmus against Raviente until the others were to safety, then escaping themselves.

Colossi Arc

After talking to Xerneas, Zuko goes strait out to find his colossi Celosia. However during his traveling he fights Adar Flam, thinking he is the colossi. but after figuring out who it is officially, he goes out and finds the real Celosia, gaining his chakra orb after the fight and gaining his ultimate form. His ultimate form includes his old fire navy ponytail and a mystical eyepatch over his scar.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Zuko appears here after the celebration for Aang and Katara's wedding. Appa helped him and Mai get back to their palace, but Zuko still had to handle a few things, like taking care of Azula when she starts to spas out again. After a long discussion, Zuko had no other choice but to put an end to her misery in the morning. Before he could though, Switchblade and Smile Dog V.2 kidnapped her and scared him to the point of fainting.

Arc 2

Throughout most of Team Avatar's absence, he was knocked out and was staying to his room, in some strange curse thing from the attack. This had Endermare slowly coming closer and closer to him each time he slept, and when it finally came time to go, Zuko quickly woke up from his new guard Hiro, to see Endermare wreaking havoc on his castle.

After the encounter though, he oddly felt a bit better and explained the situation to Team Avatar along with Iroh when Azula attacked again, going under Harlem. He tried to make sense of the situation but was knocked out and paralyzed for a while until later on.

Arc 3

Zuko spent the time there sharing with Mas y Menos. The whole time though he never had a clue what they said. When the duo raced out past HoundDoom, he took advantage and blasted a fire punch at HoundDoom, running too. During the crazy run away, he was nearly killed by the demon hound until SCP-173 killed HoundDoom first. He managed to figure out on how 173 worked so with some help, he found out how to escape. He nearly was killed again by the Metal Men, but was saved by Starfire and Ty. After finding out 173 helped them escape, he decides to let him come along. With that they go.

Outside, he had managed to find a suitable site for a rest. Before they rest, he asks 173 to keep an eye out in case something comes around and went off to sleep.

Avatar: New Universe 3

Zuko appears back at the palace, when he calls in Azula to the throne. He talks about on how good she has improved since she was released and had decided to give her back her role as Fire Princess. He assures her that everything will be all right, now that he is here to help her out along with his friends. He goes off to tell the news to Team Avatar.

Later on, he was brought in by Marage which he caught up with the others back at the Core. He was glad to be there but he said he was followed by Momo and Silkie.

He remained outta the way until after Kyouga was announced finished. he got Marage's attention and asks him to go back home and help his sister Azula with her new role as fire princess. His main fear was that he didn't want to go back to see insanity in his sister, and is pleased to hear he'll do it.

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