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Avatar: The Last Airbender

After the war Zuko and Aang go and search for Zuko's mother. All Zuko thought he wanted was his honor but all he really wanted Ursa. The Avatar and the Fire Lord; friends not one person ever thought that it would end this way. The search for Ursa may never end but Zuko kept his mind clear. "Hey Zuko I want to find some Moon Peaches for Appa but you stay here." Aang and Zuko respected each other and so they did as the other said. Zuko and Aang were traveling the Earth Kingdom much near were the team was when they found Hei Bai. Aang searched and searched for Moon Peaches all the way to Ba Sing Se. Aang ran like he ran when he was headed to the Herbalist with that cat.

Back with Zuko, Zuko was near Kyoshi Island Zuko found a ship and went to Kyoshi. Zuko asked Koko who was now nine years old if she had seen a woman in her forties Koko replied "Where's Aangy?" To Zuko's surprise she jumped on his back and kicked him. Zuko was wearing his finest robe and now it was wrinkled Zuko pushed her aside and then got on the boat and left. Aang was running back to Zuko they met upon near Chin village there they found a letter and it read: Zuko my son were are you please do tell me about your life all you can tell me I will keep forever. Oh how old are you now? I am missing you more and more each day. Is your sister treating you right? How is your father and Iroh, is anything wrong I love you my son and please do write back love your mother Ursa. Taped to the side was a picture and an address. Now Zuko and Aang are one step closer to finding Ursa.

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