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After finding my uncle, I decided to start my search again, and this time I think it will be easier, because when I was looking for my uncle I saw the Avatar, and when you see people that means there is a village near by where he could be staying. So I looked for the village and I found a small village. It was quiet, but I found a person there, who looked drained. I made my way over to him and snuck up on him.

"Having trouble sleeping?" I knocked him inside with all my might and maybe broke his bones, "Seen the Avatar lately?" I spent the next ten minutes asking him where the Avatar was heading. At first he was not answering, but then I did something that made him tell every single detail about what happened, even useless details that took five minutes of my life I'll never get back, details like the way the Avatar's staff feels. Once I got the information I needed, I left him and headed to my ship.

I was out on sea for a short while and I saw the Avatar very quickly, and set a course straight for him. I noticed he was heading toward the Fire Nation, which I didn't care about, but my uncle did.

Zuko's telescope

Zuko looking at the Avatar.

"Sailing in to Fire Nation waters? Of all the foolish things you did in your sixteen years this is the most foolish!" Not really, but that's another story.

"I had no choice, Uncle!"

"Have you compleatly forgot that the Fire Lord banished you?!" I wish I did, "What if you're caught?" He worries to much, I am a master in in the art of stealth, I will not get caught.

"I'm chasing the Avatar. My father will understand why I'm returing home," I probably shouldn't have put it that way, it makes it sound like I'm going to stay home.

"You give him to much credit. My brother is not the understanding type," He's got a point, but I have to catch the Avatar.

I tried to shoot them down with a fireball, and my uncle was telling me how they stinked, why should someone care about how things smell as long as it gets the job done. I just shoot it and my uncle was not enjoying it, but I had a bigger problem than trying to catch the Avatar, a blockade.

"Technically you are still in Earth Kingdom waters. Turn back now and they can't arrest you," My uncle said, but I didn't care, I wanted to run the blockade. I suddenly saw more fireballs than I had launched, and they were at my ship.

"Hey, you better watch were you're shooting your fireballs! Unless you want some at you!" Jerks.

After the fireballs were launched, the engines were damaged and we needed to stop and make repairs, but if I did I would be captured and have to face my father, not a good thing. I can't stop now.

I then noticed we were heading into a collision course. I knew we could make it, but I have a crew that panics more than anyone in the world. They were telling me we couldn't make it through, but I, as you may have realized, never give up. I saw who was in the ship next to me, "Captian Zhao". I thought he was done chasing me when I beat him, but he never learns. Someday I hope that will bite him back. He let me pass the collision and I made through and got into the Fire Nation, all in one piece, and that's just how I hope to leave, unless I capture the Avatar in the Fire Nation.

I just thought about why he let me pass by, but I didn't know why he did it. I was so angry about him coming back. I thoght I made it very clear to him I do not ever want to see his face again, and wahat angers me the most is how that jerk of a person didn't arrest me, he wants me gone to the end of the world and he didn't arrest me? I just might know someone who can answer my question before I burn down the ship in frustration.

"What's he up to, Uncle? Why didn't Commander Zhao arrest me?" I said.

"Because he wants to follow you. He know you'll lead him to the prize you're both after, The Avatar," he said.

Unfortunately I'm not that stupid. I know he wants to follow me and I can make sure he follows me. I'll lead him to a dead end with my ship. I'll sneak in another ship and let Zhao follow the trail from my first ship.

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