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I decided to skip King of Omashu and Imprisoned because they have no info on Zuko, and I was going to save what I have planed for Zuko in the end of Book 1. I am sorry for that, instead I will make it to where they have been living on their ship while they find out where the Avatar is going.

P.S. 'I cannot write my fanons all at once because of the activities in my day, though I try to get done what I can so people will be able to read my fanons.



I found out where the Avatar is and I have began to be more active in my search again. I have let my crew spend some time on land because spending two whole weeks on the ship can get boring. When they left I went to go get some stuff and have a meal. My uncle said he'd go by himself, which was perfect for me, well don't tell my uncle or anyone or you will regret it, but I meet a girl and my uncle could really embarrass me in front of her. He'd tell her every baby story about me and the one on Ember Island. Her name was Zee Lee, a Fire Nation Colonial. It was nothing serious, I mean I just hung out with her and went on a date.

After three days on land, I wanted to start my search again so I waited for everyone to get back to my ship so I can, but after waiting a long time, my uncle did not come, so I set out to look for him. I looked everywhere but couldn't find him. I happened to stumble across his clothes and found him, he was sitting in a hot spring, which makes perfect sense.

"Uncle? We need to move on were closing in on the Avatar's trail, and I don't want to lose him!"

"You look tired, Prince Zuko. Why don't you join me in these hot springs and soak away your troubles." Yeah, not gonna happen. He tried to get me to come in more, until I couldn't take it anymore.

Zuko sees Iroh bathing

Zuko is disgusted at the sight of Iroh.

"Enough! We need to leave now! Get out of the water!" He did get out of the water, but I wished I'd never said that. He was unclothed compleatly, I put my hand up just in time to block my view. I will try very hard to get that picture out of my memory.

"On second thought, why don't you take another few minutes, but be back at the ship in another half hour or I'm leaving without you."

I took a walk for twenty minutes and then waited at the ship for my uncle. He didn't come, but even I have a heart, I went to were my uncle was, but he wasn't there. I noticed were I saw him last, the ground was shapen into a triangle, an odd one to be formed by nature, I came to a conclusion, my uncle was captured by Earthbenders.

I had to follow him, even though I didn't know where he was going, but he is my uncle and he treats me well and is always there for me, but when he gets on the ship again I will make orders that he is always attended to. When you're the Fire Lord's brother there are many people who want to sell you for ten thousand gold pieces and then kill you, as in his case. I started to wonder where they would take him, probably to the best prison in the Earth Kingdom. Yeah, if that happens he's on his own escaping.

After traveling so long I found something a sandal. It looked like it had been worn for a lifetime. I did feel like we could be going the right way so I picked up the sandal, and stupidly smelled. I was lucky I didn't pass out. There's only one person I know whose sandal smells that way, Uncle. I followed the direction of the path.

Zuko saves Iroh

Zuko stops the rock from crushing Iroh.

I think I finally caught up to my uncle, because I have been walking for hours and my feet are about to fall off. I found an open area and looked at it, right in the in the middle was my uncle chained to a rock, then I noticed a rock above his hands ready to crush then, I panicked. I had to stop it. I ran over there and jumped to crush it.

"Excellent form, Prince Zuko," He said

"You taught me well," I said

"Surrender yourselves. It's five against two. You're clearly outnumbered," The general.

"Yeah, that's true, but you are clearly outmatched," Uncle said.

The soldiers attacked us, but me and my uncle took them out. He used his chains to fight of the soldiers. Dang, who know how much you could do with chains. I knocked soldiers down with my firebending. We quickly took them down, but I noticed my uncle was still not wearing clothes, which made me throw up a little.

"Now would you please put on some clothes?"

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