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Zuko's Banished Life Ch 4
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I was alone in my room. As usual my mind ran of to the days of my childhood. This time I was walking with my mother talking to her about me getting more practice on Firebending.

Zuko meditating

Zuko in his room thinking about his childhood

"Mom, I want to learn more Firebending. Azula is better than me and she is only eight, I should get more training."

"I think it's a great idea you are an excellent Firebender and I am suprised that you think that of yourself."

I was interrupted by my uncle.

"The only reason you should be interupting me is if you have news of the Avatar."

"Well, there is news, Prince Zuko, but you might not like it. Don't get too upset."

"Uncle, you taught me that keeping a level head is a sign of a great leader. Now whatever you have to say, I'm sure that I can take it."

"Okay, then... we have no idea where he is."

"WHAT?!" I was lucky my room was fireproof.

"You should really get a window in here." I stanched the map. Gosh, I couldn't blame anyone for not finding him, he can make anyone lost. I decided the best thing for me to do is to study the map and try to find him or at least get an idea of where he is going.

Okay, he is impossible to track. It kept on rolling through my head all day, I started getting thoughts about how I will never find him. My spirits liffted at dinner, I was told he was on Kyoshi Island, I will not let him get away from me this time, I told my uncle to ready the rhinos. I was going to go to my room and rest, when my uncle interrupted me.

"Are you going to finsh that?"

"I was going to save it for later!"

The fish wasn't that good. I made a course to Kyoshi Island, this time I slept on the deck of my ship so I wouldn't miss anything like last time. I woke up and saw an island, I knew we made it to Kyoshi Island. I took the rhinos out to the island.

Zuko and Kyoshi Warriors

"I want the Avatar alive."

I couldn't see the Avatar, in fact the streets were deserted. I told my men to find him. I was looking for him, when I was attacked, a bunch of girls, (seriously) one rushed up and started attacking me, but my rhino knocked her away. I shoot a fire blast at her, then a boy or girl blocked it, and I fell of my rhino. They surrounded me, I shoot fire blasts at them, and got up

"Nice try, Avatar, but these girls can't save you."

"Hey! Over here!"

"Finally." I launched three fireballs at him, and the boy Avatar blocked them with his staff, then flew toward me, but I blasted his staff out of his hands. He ran toward the fans ( was he really that warm?). I bolted to him in full force. He used the fans to throw a gust of air in my face, and I went through the wall of a building. I was dazed, my mind was hurt, my head was aching, I couldn't think. I had to get up, when I did I felt stronger, but I had to fallow the Avatar.

Unagi spewing water

"Back to the ship! Don't lose sight of them!"

I suddenly saw the boy dive and use a monster in the water to put out the fire in the town, leaving me soaking wet, and very angry.

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