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Zuko's Banished Life Ch 2 is the second chapter of Zuko's Banished Life.


As I approach The Southern Water Tribe Village, I think of how my father will will welcome me home. I am the first of my ancestors to find the last Airbender Avatar. He will surely welcome me home with honor.


As I dock at the small village I demand to know where the Avatar is, yet they are stubborn and refuse to tell me by saying the Avatar is dead. All of a sudden a poorly skilled boy tries to attack me I easily dodge him, he throws a boomerang, I dodge it yet it comes back and hits me in the head. As I and ready to defeat him a boy riding a penguin knocks me off balance and strikes an Airbending move.

"Looking for me."

"You're the Airbender? You're the Avatar?!"

I was furious. I trained three years to fight him yet all I get is a child! I shoot a fire blast at him he dodges and the blast sets a house on fire. He surrenders, making me promise not to hurt anyone if he comes with me. I take his staff and chain him. I head toward the ship telling the captain to set a course for home.

Aang evades Zuko

Zuko battles Aang in his room.

I searched him but all I found was his staff which I had already taken. Then I figure it would make a nice little souvenir for my father. I tell a guard to take it to my quarters, as I head to my room. I am pleased my search for the Avatar has come to an end, now all I could do is go to sleep while I return home. Suddenly, I was awoken by a guard yelling that the Avatar had escaped. I was going to go running for him, then a thought came to me. 'Wait for the Avatar in my room, then strike'.I waited then he came to me. I was quiet and attacked him, but he won that match. I followed him, as he was about to take off I grabbed his ankle, while he struggled he saw his bison then I pushed him off side. He suddenly returned eighty times more powerful he wiped out our ship causing me to fall overboard. I grabbed on to a pole ready to get up, the wimpy Water Tribe boy pushed me off. I quickly climbed on deck again. My ship was ruined. My uncle came in and said our enemy was a little kid and nothing to be afraid of. I told him that a little kid did this to our ship. I commanded the crew to dig the ship out. I was going to follow the Avatar.

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