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Zuko's Banished Life Ch 1 is the first chapter of Zuko's Banished Life.


I, Prince Zuko, have been banished from The Fire Nation by my father. The only way for me to return home is to capture the Avatar. I know that people have been looking to the Avatar as their only hope, but I see him as nothing more than a coward hiding from the world.

Everyday I hope to catch the Avatar, but my mind wanders of to my life as a young prince, happy and with no lust for power. I sit lonely in my room thinking about my now gone mother. She was the one who loved me and encouraged me, and even if I messed up she would never look down on me. She would say that she was proud of me. Life isn't like that anymore. Now it's complicated and strange.


My uncle now trains me in the way of Firebending. I act angry at him because he is too lazy to teach me more Firebending, but really he is an amazing Firebender. I never see him Firebend anymore, but when he was younger he could Firebend like a dragon. He trains me everyday only for a short period of time, though I do learn a lot.

Zuko and Iroh attack

Iroh teaching Zuko Firebending.

I am heading towards the South Pole. I look all around for the Avatar as if we were playing Hide and Explode. Suddenly I saw a blast of light so powerful it made me lose balance. I had a feeling it was him. I felt hopeful, yet angry. I decided to make my uncle teach me more Firebending, but he was stubborn as usual.


I saw a flare in the sky and my first thought was for my telescope. I saw the Avatar and was tunned. He was walking like a ten year old kid who doesn't want to take a nap. I moved my telescope. I saw his hiding place and made a course to the Southern Water Tribe village...

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