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Zuko's Adventure, Part 2

This is the eleventh chapter in my fanon. This chapter is told in Zuko's point of view, but still in third person point of view. Enjoy!

Previously on Around the World (Again)...

When the gang visited Ba Sing Se, they got attacked by Long Feng, Hama, and the Dai Li agents. While the others managed to escape, Zuko was captured. Zuko found a way back to the gang after 4 days, but how did he do it? Zuko searched the world for his mother, but never found her.


Zuko relives his adventure from Ba Sing Se to the Northern Water Tribe when he tells it to the gang. His first task is to get out of Ba Sing Se, but with Long Feng on his trail, that may be a very difficult thing to accomplish.

Zuko's Adventure

"YOU ALL FAILED!!!! I expected better from you Hama, but YOU FAILED! I go into the Fire Nation, I break into your prison and I try to find your cell. I bust you out to help me finish the Avatar and his friends and this is how you repay me! BY FAILING!" From what Zuko could see, Long Feng was punishing Hama and the Dai Li agents. "And I did the same for all of you, I found you in the Fire Nation, alone, starving and tired! I helped you and you failed ME!!!" He was now talking to the Dai Li agents. Zuko, who was chained to the wall by metal handcuffs, was watching the scene with his eyes open, just enough to see what was going on. After they attacked him and he fell to the ground, he was brought into the Earth King's Throne Room and the Earth King was being held captive his room in the palace. The throne now belonged to Long Feng. However, to the rest of the world, the Earth King was still Kuei and Long Feng planned to keep it that way, that is until he killed Aang and the gang.

"B-but, we got a prisoner." Hama, quivering with fear, pointed at Zuko, who closed his eyes and acted like he was knocked out. "The Avatar will come back for him. Then we can attack h-"

"YOU DON'T GET IT!" Long Feng roared. "If he does come back, he'll know that we'll be here and he'll be ready to attack us. That's why we needed to kill him during the surprise attack, so that he'd be unprepared! YOU IDIOTS!!!" Long Feng gave a heavy sigh and continued, "It's late now and I'm going to bed. I'll have to make up a new plan, while you, Hama, take the Fire Lord to jail for the night. We have to keep him in this palace during daylight so if the Avatar comes to save him, we can actually have a chance of trapping him and his friends."

"But why don't we just leave him here for the night?" Hama asked.

"How stupid are YOU?! He'll escape! However if he's in jail, he'll have a much harder time escaping. There are guards all over the place and he'll be in a metal cell. Here he's just chained to a wall and since we're trying to keep our attacks secret from everyone else, we have no guards or people we can trust. No, I can't trust you!" He yelled at the Dai Li agents, after one was about to speak. "You betrayed me and I can't trust you with something this important. Hama, just tell the guards at the jail that he's a new prisoner and that he attacked people around the city."


"NOW WHAT?!" Long Feng yelled at Hama, who looked like she was about to pass out due to her fright of Long Feng.

"B-but what are we going to tell them when we have to bring him back to the palace?"

"I'll think of something. Just get the Fire Lord to his prison cell! NOW!" Hama immediately ran over to Zuko. Instead of picking him up, Zuko was surprised that he was now standing up and that his hands were free of the metal handcuffs. But Hama was not touching Zuko at all. She was controlling him somehow. It was a strange feeling. He didn't have control of his own body. His legs began to move, but Zuko kept his eyes shut. Hama began to talk to him, but she wasn't aware that he wasn't actually knocked out.

"I tried my best to fight off the Avatar and his friends with my Bloodbending," That's what it was. That was why Zuko was moving without being touched by anyone. Hama was Bloodbending him. "and thanks to you and your friends, he escaped and I'm getting punished for it. It's not entirely my fault. At least I did something. I tried to fight them while he just stood there and watched the show. The only thing that he really did was knocking you down onto the palace floor." While Hama continued to rant, Zuko began to open his eyes slightly. He saw that they were now outside and the night sky was clear and full of beautiful, bright stars. Zuko saw that the stars seemed to form a constellation; one that reminded him of the gang. And it was this that encouraged Zuko's decision to escape and the time was now. Hama was so wrapped up in her ranting that her Bloodbending got weak, so Zuko had to use his feet to stand up which made Hama believe that she still had so much control over him. Zuko knew that he could make a run for it while Hama was talking. And so he did just that. Zuko knocked Hama on the floor when her back was turned and dashed as far away as he could. He felt Hama following him and began to run even faster. He reached the houses in the Upper Ring of Ba Sing Se and hid behind a beautiful house. It took him several moments to realize that this was his and the gang's house. He couldn't hear anymore footsteps. In fact, he couldn't hear any noise at all. It seemed like the whole city was asleep. He waited a few more minutes until he was sure that he was safe.

I have to get out of Ba Sing Se and find the gang. But how?

After thinking for a few moments, he came to a conclusion,

I'll have to wait until morning. Then I'll have to find some way of getting to them. By the time, I reach them, they should be at the North Pole so I'll just meet them there. But in the meantime, I'll go to sleep inside our old house. Good thing that Aang gave me a key to the house!

Team Avatar's Upper Ring house

The gang's old house in Ba Sing Se.

Zuko took out a gold key from his pocket and remembered when Aang gave him the keys before they started their trip around the world. He walked up to the front door, and opened it. He stepped inside and it immediately made him think about the gang. He wanted to get back to the them now, but he knew that he had to wait until morning. He locked the door and laid down onto the ground. Within a few moments, he had fallen asleep.

Zuko awoke the next morning. He was woken up by something; a growling noise. It was his stomach. He was hungry. Long Feng only gave him apples and he hadn't eaten the whole night. Zuko stood to his feet and began walking to the door, while he straightened his clothes. He was going to the marketplace to get a meal and then he was going to find a way to get to the Northern Water Tribe.

After eating the several fruits he bought, Zuko walked through the city, looking for a something to get him to his friends. He finally found what he needed, a hot air balloon. There were dozens of them, all in a shop in the marketplace. The shop was made out of the metal and had two windows on the front, the hot air balloons on the shop's right next to the wall that divided the Upper Ring from the Middle Ring.

"How much for a hot air balloon?" Zuko asked when he reached the store.

"Thirt- Wait are you Fire Lord Zuko? The one who helped end the war?" A tall man, wearing a green shirt with the Earth Kingdom national emblem on it, asked. Zuko knew that this man was the shop owner.

"Yeah, that's me."

"Well then, for you, no charge. Choose any hot air balloon."

Zuko looked at the air balloons on his left and didn't want to spend much time picking one. He choose a red balloon.

"Okay, let me just set it up, and you're free to go," the shop owner said. He went through the door that led to the hot air balloons.

A second later, a giant boulder fell from the sky and nearly hit Zuko, but he managed to move in time. He looked up at the sky, but saw no signs of rocks of any kind. Then, something else went flying at him; a water whip. It hit him on the back of the head. Zuko turned around and saw what he hoped he wouldn't have to see again without the gang.

Hama and Long Feng were running towards Zuko. There were no Dai Li agents. It was just Hama and Long Feng. Hama had scars on her face and she looked like she was about to burst into tears. It seemed that Long Feng had beaten her up because she had failed him again. Long Feng had an angry face filled with the need to kill.

Zuko ran to the hot air balloon that he chose. The shop owner just finished blowing up the balloon and it was all ready to go.

"There you go, Fire Lord Zuko!" He said joyfully.

"Thanks! I really need to go now. Bye!" Zuko quickly said. He hopped into the air balloon basket and started the engine.


A hot air balloon.

"Good bye! See you around!" said the owner joyfully, completely unaware of the danger that was approaching Zuko.

As the balloon began to rise, Zuko looked back to the spot where Long Feng and Hama were. They weren't there. The balloon was almost at height with one of the Ba Sing Se walls when suddenly, another giant boulder went flying into the air and hit the balloon, causing it deflate. Slowly and slowly, the balloon moved closer to the ground. Zuko knew who did this and heard his sinister laugh all the way up in the air.


Zuko had to do something. He had to act fast. But what could he do? He began to look around to see if there was something that could help him. As the balloon grew closer to the ground, Zuko finally found his solution. He could Firebend up to the wall that stood between the Upper and Middle Ring. He walked to the edge of the balloon basket and did exactly as he thought. Without so much as a glance back to the balloon, Zuko found himself being lifted by fire coming out of his red shoes. He landed on the wall and looked back at the ground and to his surprise, Long Feng wasn't there. Not even Hama and there was still no sign of any Dai Li agents. This should have made Zuko feel better, but it made him feel like he was in much more in danger. They could be any where, waiting for the right moment to strike. But Zuko didn't wait for the attack. He turned to the other side of the wall and saw the Middle Ring. He had to act fast. As he looked through the streets of the marketplace, he found another shop that had hot air balloons. It was exactly the same as the one in the Upper Ring only this one was made of fine wood and had less hot air balloons.

He looked for any signs of the villains and then jumped down to the shop, his Firebending keeping him from crashing on the ground. He ran to the shop and said very quickly, though panting,

"I need a hot air balloon fast. Here take them." He put thirty copper coins on the table. The shop owner looked at his scar and just like the other, reconginzed Zuko as the Fire Lord and gave him the balloon for free.

It only took about a minute before Zuko was in the hot air balloon basket. He thanked the owner, waved him goodbye, and then hit the sky with a red hot air balloon. He heard the evil laugh, echoing throughout the city and it could even be heard up in the clouds, "HAHAHAHAHAHA........."

Zuko's mind then raced as he looked out on Ba Sing Se that was now disappearing from view.

Why's he laughing? He should be angry that I escaped, right? Is this part of a new plan? What's he playing at? Zuko thought it best not to ponder too much about this. He gave a deep sign and went to sit down on the basket floor, trying to clear his mind of all thoughts.

It seemed like a twenty hours before the balloon's engine began to make a squeaking noise that was soon followed by it rumbling. Then once Zuko stood up at the side of the basket he felt it, the air pushing up on his face. The balloon was losing its altitude.

But why? Zuko thought. However, before he could do anything else, he was flew forward when the basket hit the ground. As Zuko peered over the basket, he saw that the land was covered with big rocks, but not the size of boulders. Though the balloon wasn't damaged, it was the basket that was the problem. The rocks had made several dents and scratches on the basket, one of which was a giant hole in the middle of the basket, next to Zuko.

He jumped out of the basket and onto the ground. He was on an island and on the island, Zuko saw, was a prison-like building. Zuko looked up at it. It was made of metal and was shaped in, from what Zuko could see, a square. It reminded him of The Boiling Rock, but this place's atmosphere felt different. Zuko couldn't describe it, though. He looked farther up the building and saw a giant wooden sign that had the words 消防民族的精神健康设施 painted in red on it.

"Fire Nation Mental Health Facility," Zuko muttered.

"Excuse me, but who are you?"

Zuko looked down at a door that was right in front of him. In the doorway was a women who looked about twenty years old. She was wearing a red armor suit and had black hair that was in a ponytail. Her black eyes showed friendliness, as did her voice.

"Hang on, you're Fire Lord Zuko!" She answered her own question and then bowed respectfully. "Do you need anything, sir?"

"Um... well, my air balloon crashed here for some reason and it needs repairing. Can you help me with that?" Zuko asked kindly.

"Of course, sir! Just follow me if you will." Zuko followed her inside the facility. "My name is Mezla." She said as she led him into a large room that had a long hallway on the left. In the front of the room was a wooden desk and chair, which was occupied with a man. He looked about thirty years old and in front of him was another man, who too looked about thirty years old. He had chains on his hands and on his left was a muscular guard, holding the chained man still as he, the chained man, was shaking. The shaking man began to speak in a crazy sort of voice.

"Y-you can't do this to me. Who do you think you are? IMPRISONING ME!!"

"Take him away Sazokin," the man at the desk said to the guard.

"No! NO!!" the shaking man yelled as the guard led him into the hallway.

"Ahhh Mezla, back from patrolling the facility?" said the man at the desk. He seemed to be the warden of the place.

"Yes Zanlo, sir. This is Fire-" She added when Zanlo's eyes moved over to Zuko.

"Lord Zuko," Zanlo said, finishing Mezla's sentence. He was staring at Zuko's scar. "Of course. Welcome to the Fire Nation Mental Health Facility! What brings you here?"

"My hot air balloon has crash landed here. I don't know why though, I was heading north."

"The guards and I can help you with that! It shouldn't take long. You can wonder the place, if you like, sir, but I must warn you; be alert." Zanlo shot his eyes at the hallway. Then he got up and went to see the balloon, leaving Zuko and Mezla in the room.

"Would you like anything at all, sir?" Mezla asked politely.

"No thanks, I'm just going to go for a walk."

Mezla bowed to Zuko as he walked to the hallway. He wasn't just going to for a walk. He was looking for someone. Zuko knew that this is where Azula was sent to a year ago and he was determined to find her. He wanted to see what had become of his sister.

The hallway led to another one. While the first hallway was there to set the main room apart from the prisoners, this one was the one that had them. There was another hallway after this one and there must have been more, but Zuko didn't need to know because he found what he was looking for.

"Azula?" He asked carefully, standing a few inches away from the metal cell.

"Brother! It's so good to see you! Haha..." Azula said with a crazy laugh. She was sitting on a wooden chair that stood next to a bed. Zuko was wondering why she was happy to see him. She should be angry because he helped end the war and he's what made Mai and Ty Lee betray her, therefore helping her lose her sanity. But the reason why she laughing was because she was, after all, mental.

"So how's Dad? Did you kill him!?" Azula asked.

"No his bending was taken away by Avatar Aang and he was thrown in jail for the rest of his life." Zuko calmly replied. Though Azula was creeping him out, he couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"Haha...." Azula continued to laugh. She seemed much less dangerous than before and it looked like she lost the will to kill and hurt. Zuko began wondering why she went crazy. It couldn't have just been because Mai and Ty Lee betrayed her.

"How's Mom!" She asked. "Good, I bet! But what does she care about me! I'm just a monster hahaha!" If felt like someone had just shot lighting at Zuko. His mother!? He forget about her. But Zuko also learned another reason why Azula went crazy. His mother thought that she was a monster, but Zuko knew this wasn't true.

He waited there for a couple moments, thinking. Then, he said goodbye to Azula and left for the main room. Mezla wasn't there anymore, but Sazokin was.

"Zanlo wants you outside. Your balloon's fixed," he said.

"Thanks!" said Zuko and he walked to the door, knowing what he was going to do next.

"All good to go, sir!" Zanlo said. "But the reason why is landed here was that it was tampered with. The engine was moved around and such. It made the balloon uncontrollable, so it's not you're fault for crash landing. I wonder who would do such a thing."

"Long Feng," Zuko said under his breath.

"We put a new engine into it and this one will work," said Zanlo.

"Thanks for the help, Zanlo and Mezla!" Zuko jumped into the basket.

"Anytime! Come back whenever you can!" said Mezla.

"Yeah!" Zuko said as the balloon began to rise.

The facility was no longer in view and Zuko, instead of heading north, went south to the Fire Nation Capital.

He arrived at the prison tower and went inside. After talking to the guards, Zuko went to the cells and found Ozai's. He was sitting behind the bars, looking as miserable as ever.

"What do you want?" he asked when he saw Zuko walk in the door.

"I need to know where my mother is."

"I already told you."

"I went to where you said she was and she wasn't there. I searched for her and I couldn't find her. Now," Zuko said, his voice beginning to rise. "where is she!? You know where she is!"

"I don't know where she could have gone after all these years or if she's even alive," Zuko's fist clenched. "but I'll tell you what I know. You'll have to solve the riddle though."


"In the Earth Kingdom she lies, not far from the water flies.

In a small town, near the mountain, brown.

Longing her son's arrival, she waits in survival."

Zuko's mind was filled with questions. Why did Ozai give him a riddle? How long has Ozai been planning this? Is he lying?

Zuko left the prison without another word. He went to the royal palace, said hello to his servants and people around the palace, who were all happy that he returned. Then he reached his room and paced back and forth in it, thinking of the riddle. Mountain brown? Water flies? What does it mean?

Zuko pulled out a map that he had in his room and searched the Earth Kingdom for a town that matched the description. He walked to the window to see the map since the sun was now setting. One particular place caught his attention. On another other piece of parchment that was near Zuko was a description of the places on the map. He read aloud the first part of the description of a certain village,

"The mountain, called brown, stands next to the village of-" Zuko stopped. If what Ozai said was true, then he knew where his mother was.

Zuko looked out the window and quietly said, "The Pa Hing Village..."


Ultimate and Sky gave me several names to choose as the village's name. Here is the list:

  • Kwanli Village
  • Jonshi Villiage
  • Pa Hing Village

Author's Note

My favorite chapter yet. My writing has improved and I love the way the chapter came out. Thanks to Ultimate and Sky for helping me come up with names for the village and characters. Also, originally Zuko's Adventure was a working title, but I decided to leave it like that; short and simple


This chapter is dedicated to Renatabls. She is a very helpful person. When people ask her for help or to help them create a template, she does it without complain. She also edits this fanon and looks for grammar edits all the time. She made me the chapter template shown below and is always nice to every single user. Since Renatabls favorite character is Zuko, I thought that it would be appropriate to dedicate it to her. Thanks Rena for being such a great person/user!

Please don't ask to be dedicated. - Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 22:38, April 4, 2011 (UTC)

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