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Zui is a character in Avatar: Guardian.


Zui was born in the central Fire Nation during the middle of the war. His Firebending was seen as sub-par by his peers, so he was ineligible for a prosperous military career. He decided to pursue a career in historical field, studying the military of the Water Tribe. He eventually ended up in the military, becoming a strategist. He supposedly planned the invasion of Omashu during the War, though he denies these rumors due to its eventual recapture.

He bought into Fire Nation propaganda promoting the superiority of Firebenders over the other nations, and was disappointed when the Fire Nation 'lost' the war. Several of his acquaintances from the War mentioned joining a group that promised the superiority of Firebenders in the world, so Zui decided to join. His strategic mind was proven to work well in the Phoenix Warriors, and he became a top leader in the taking of Earth Kingdom villages.

Attack on the Air Nomads

Eventually, Zui's expertise in history was called to question when the Phoenix Warriors wanted to deal a blow against the Avatar. He was ordered to study the Air Nomads in order to devise a strategy to wipe them out. Zui spent an extended period in recluse studying all available information on the Nomads, and eventually gave a report to the lead generals of the Phoenix Warriors.

Believing his work to be done, he is shocked when he is ordered to command the invasion of the Northern Air Temple. Being unable to refuse his orders, Zui goes to the meeting of the invasion leaders. He somehow manages to excite the officers to lead the invasion, though he remains skeptical about his own leadership talents.

While climbing the mountain, Zui stays at the back of the invasion force, trying to avoid combat as much as possible. Unfortunately, Zui comes across Boreas, an Airbender who engages him in battle. Zui is unable to defeat the skilled monk, and he is only saved when the Air Nomads are called back into the temple. Zui witnesses the large wave of natural gas created by Aang and Boreas, breaking his will. His officers had given retreat orders, and Zui complied despite being in charge of the invasion.

Upon his return, he is interrogated by Jiang Rha, who is furious that the invasion was a failure. Zui attempts to plead his case, though his arguments are ineffective. Jiang eventually executes Zui for his failures, putting an end to both his life and career.


Zui is a man that is clearly conflicted. On one hand, he is incredibly sure of his knowledge, believing Fire Nation war-time propaganda to a fault. He believes his research is entirely factual, despite the false information he happens to be researching. On the other hand, he is marred by self-doubt, believing himself to be a consistent failure.

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