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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Halves of the Whole

Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation


Republic City




150 AG

Physical description





5' 10"


130 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)



Lightning generation, lightning redirection


Zao (brother)

Chronological and political information

Terrorist (technically)


Order of the Phoenix

Zu, also known as Zu the Younger, was a member of the terrorist organization known as the Order of the Phoenix. The younger brother of the organization's head, Zao, Zu was the right-hand man. A capable bender, Zu was noted for a style that used graceful movements and agility over raw power. Despite having ties to a pro-Bender terrorist group, Zu was a proponent of harmony and peace, believing that everyone is created equal.

Despite initially supporting his brother's aims and beliefs, Zu eventually becomes disillusioned with the Order. As the group becomes more and more violent, Zu stands between his brother and the goal of conquest.


Zu, like his brother, was born in the Fire Nation. His father, Zu the Elder, was an emerging business tycoon who sought to bring newer and more civilian models of airships into the global market. From a young age, Zu demonstrated prodigous skill in Firebending, surpassing even his elder brother. As such, Zu's parents provided the boy with private tutors and education, all the while grooming him for "excellence". The preferential treatment on behalf of the parents caused a rift between Zu and Zao at a young age, causing Zu to be the target of envy and violence on behalf of his brother.

At a young age, Zu and his family moved to Republic City. There, Zu was tutored by mathematicians, philosophers and other benders, taking in ideals from other bending arts into his own style of firebending. At this time, Zu's parents began to lay the groundwork for their business, leaving the two boys in the care of their tutors and teachers. Zu learned much of Fire Nation history, especially of Fire Lords that ruled in the past, such as Sozin. He learned about Ozai and the Hundred Year War, especially how Ozai's megalomaniacal culminated in him creating and giving himself the title of Phoenix King. Unlike Zao, Zu believed that the Fire Nation had no cause to attack the other nations. As years passed, the brothers became even more polarized, as Zao openly endorsed the Fire Nation's history of violence and conquest, whereas Zu called for understanding and peace.

However, early anti-bending sentiment struck the family, as a series of small riots shook Republic City. The family's home and business garages were attacked and, in a twist of irony, burned to the ground. Fearing for their safety, they fled back to the Fire Nation. There, Zu and Zao both watched the Anti-bending Revolution, headed by Amon, unfolded. Incensed by the violence and hatred displayed towards benders - especially firebenders - the pair devised a plan to return to Republic City and "take it" in the name of a new Phoenix King. Initially reluctant, Zu was swayed by promises of creating and enforcing equality amongst benders and non-benders. When the group - dubbed the Order of the Phoenix - gathered enough members, they set out to accomplish their goal. 

Just after the Battle for Republic City and Amon's subsequent defeat, Zu returned to Republic City. There, he engaged in a slew of terrorist attacks and arsons. The group rarely came to open combat with the Metalbending Police Force. They did, however, attract the attention of a "special response" team, comprised mostly of non-benders, lead by Chang.

Personality and Traits



Zu has proven himself to be a very capable firebender. His style has been noted by other benders to be atypical of firebending: in place of sheer power and offense, Zu's style, like waterbending, focuses on graceful, fluid movement and agility. He is incredibly versatile in the sense of turning offensive techniques into defensive ones, a trait that he employs frequently to trick and surprise his foes. Zu focuses more on precision and control in his bending over unleashing streams of fire. As such, his attacks are often short and swift.

While he is more versatile, Zu lacks the raw emotion and raw power that his brother, Zao, demonstrates. Like his brother, Zu is capable of lightning generation. Unlike his style of average firebending, Zu utilizes prolonged and concentrated arcs of lightning in combat. Zu's prowess with lightning stems to even lightning redirection, although he cannot withstand very concentrated barrages.

Zu is quite fond of using his firebending in a manner of jet propulsion.


Zu and his brother Zao are meant to mirror Amon and Tarrlok. The conflict between the brothers was inspired by the belief of Yin and Yang: they are opposite forces/parts of the same whole. Zu himself represents yin, which is typically characterized as slow, passive, yielding. Yin is often associated with water, the moon and femininity.

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