By M1O Part of the Break the Cycle continuity.
"Ah! What did Teach always say about times like this?!"
" 'Remember Zu, if you ever find yourself hanging over a deathly drop, do something instead of pondering about it.' "
—Zu, pondering what you're pondering

Zu is a young Airbender and current student to Teach. His sister, Kula, was formerly under Teach's tutelage until she was ready to participate within the order of nomads on her own, and now it is Zu's turn to do the same. He was born out of servitude and raised in simplicity, and as a result he's brimming with energy. He applies himself very much to his work even if he does not truly understand why it is necessary and has already committed a couple short books to memory, not that anyone cares about them.

To say that he's the plucky comic relief kid is an understatement.

Early Life

As stated above, Zu was born as a free spirit. His father was a former slave who escaped servitude thanks to the efforts of the nomads, and eventually he fell in love with one of them and had two children together. Unfortunately, Zu's father and mother disappeared not long after his birth, and he and his sister were left in the care of the other nomads. Because of this, Zu had no sense of what his parents would, should, or could have been, and he usually pays no attention to the matter. Likewise, Kula rarely made allusions to them. He views all of his allies as some sort of family member, whether they like it or not, and he has an annoying habit of making others feel the need to protect him and get rid of him at the same time.

After some years and growing up amongst the nomads in a safe haven, he was taken under the wing of Teach in order to experience the world he had heard about all his life. Although the reality was something of a shock to him, Zu very much believed that, with a little effort, things could change, just like in the stories. In reality, things may take more than a little effort.

Character & Abilities

Zu is an average Airbender who wants to be a master in order to make a difference in the world. Actually, he wants to skip the mastery part and go straight to making a difference. Of course, Teach has been very careful not to show him the worst parts of it, and has repeatedly told the boy that he simply is not ready. To his credit, Zu has been a dutiful student and never attempted to go against his teacher's instructions. Zu is somewhat easily impressed in certain ways, such as with regard to technology, and contentious in others, such as regarding knowledge of the world before the great war. He is also a bit judgmental and a little impatient, but he usually waits on the judgment of his elders. Well, he's impulsive to a fault, really. Still, Zu means well and is fairly thoughtful for his age, and he has a knack for thinking outside the box like mad genius, although more often than not without the genius part.

Zu is fairly idealistic. Although he hears of the faults with the world as it stands, he rarely sees them, and even when he does see them they usually are not the worst to be had. He has heard, from Teach and other senior nomads, about the world as it was, when there were truly Four Nations that existed, while not always at peace, alongside each other in a dynamic harmony. Zu often wishes to bring back the times of old, but he never really considers how he or the world might get there. Nonetheless, he often happily shares stories with those around him regardless as to whether they want to listen to him or not. To this effect, he often gets confronted by Hong who then proceeds to argue with Teach before the two decide to drop the matter before the boy gets any ideas, ad nauseam. He enjoys the company of Sabat and Owan who often listen to his stories if only to be polite. Zu holds his sister in high esteem, but has not been made known to her disappearance.

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