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Zsinji Ginroh
Zsinji Jinroh
Biographical information
Birth place

Shu Jing


19 (Born 6PA)

Physical description





76 kg

Hair color


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Personal information

Firebending, Armed/Unarmed Wushu

Zsinji Jinroh was a Firebender and was the third Avatar to be born after the end of the war. Since Avatar Aang had been killed two years after ending the war there were no Airbenders left, meaning that after Zsinji's death the Avatar would not be able to reincarnate in the next stage of the cycle, making Zsinji the last Avatar.


Early Life

Zsinji was born in Shu Jing in 6PA, within a day of the death of Avatar Konchii, who had been assassinated by unknown assailants, as had both his predecessors, Aang and Min Kan. Firelord Zuko realised that the only way that the assailants could have tracked both of the previous Avatars, who had both only been children and did not yet know of their own destiny, was if they knew the choosing rituals and had infiltrated the temple ranks. In order to protect the Avatar, due to reincarnate as a Firebender, Zuko decreed that no child be tested and that the identity of the Avatar remain hidden to everyone. Expecting to be able to identify the Avatar later due to the child's exceptional skills, Zuko's actions saved Zsinji and allowed his power to remain unknown, even to himself. Living as a regular child, Zsinji stayed in Shu Jing until the age of 6, at which point his parents sent him abroad to study Bending at the Narisho Unity School's western academy, located in the Western Air Temple. Here he studied basic Firebending, alongside waterbenders and earthbenders, to gain a truly global sense of the world, in keeping with Fire Lord Zuko's hopes for the future. Alongside Bending, Zsinji learned many other skills, learning cultural arts such as dance, poetry and tea-making, as well as studying basic mechanical theories and also combat training.

Zsinji's main martial focus was in armed combat, rather than Firebending, as he believed his Bending power to be of only average strength. Because of his avoidance of mastering Firebending, Zsinji remained unidentified as the Avatar until his Avatar State was triggered during an Agni Kai at the age of 18. Once revealed as the Avatar, Zsinji was sent to Zuko's palace, to master Firebending with the Firelord himself, in order to prepare Zsinji for the journey to learn the other three elements. The Firelord trained Zsinji exhaustively in the basics of both the dominant and lost styles of Firebending, forcing him to hone his skills over a period of a year, until he was considered to be a Flame Masterbender, first dan. At the completion of his training, Firelord Zuko determined Zsinji to be ready to seek out his destiny as the Avatar, and dispatched him on a mission to find any remnant of Airbender knowledge, in order to learn the ways of the Air Nomads as the cycle dictated.

The Worldbenders

Firelord Zuko was aware of the fact that tracking down Air Nomad knowledge and learning how to Airbend would be an almost insurmountable challenge for a single person and so to facilitate the mission he assigned Zsinji, as well as his friend and rival Liu Khan, to serve with the Four Unified Nations Cooperative Advancement Organisation, commonly known by the nickname of the Worldbenders. Zsinji was assigned a taskforce of personnel, named the Avatar Taskforce, to assist him, as well as access to all of the Worldbenders' significant political and physical resources.

Behind the scenes

Zsinji is slated to be the main character in Vagrant Lustoid's upcoming story, Firebender: The Last Avatar, which will be set 22 years after the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender and will revolve around Zsinji trying to find anyone or anything in the world that could help him to learn Airbending well enough to become a fully realised Avatar and end the threat of the Fanon:Yokuji Clans, who are attempting to end the Avatar Cycle and eliminate all benders.

Zsinji's physical likeness is taken from Roy Mustang of the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, since there are plenty of pictures of Mustang using his fire alchemy and at other times, which can be used to illustrate the article with a consistent-looking character.

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