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The Red Dragon is a small tea shop that only has one or two customers a day. The owner of this tea shop is a Firebender, and the people of the city know this. He makes great moon pies, and fire flakes.

About Zsinji

Zsinji's parents were not from the Northern Water Tribe. They were from the Fire Nation. When Zsinji was born, his mother and father (names not known), traveled to the Northern Water Tribe in hopes of giving Zsinji a better life, amongst the people of the Water Tribe, away from the war. When they arrived however, they were denied entrance into the city, since they were Fire Nation. Zsinji's mother pleaded that they take her son and raise him away from the war. Zsinji was placed in an orphanage in the Northern Water Tribe, and was adopted quickly by a fisherman. Zsinji realized he was a firebender by accident when he was eleven years old. He was trying to make moon pies, and could not get the fire to light, in frustration, he through matches at the wet fire wood, and when he did, he lit the fire with bending.

This is all that is known about Zsinji.

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Chronicles of Ian

Chronicles of Ian

Use In Your Fanon

The idea for The Strip, and all it's stores came to me through inspiration of my own practices. You are more than welcome to use any of the stores from The Strip in your fanon, as long as you ask me so on my talk page.

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