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"Don't give me any sympathy. Just leave me to wallow in my quiet fury."
— Zotu

Zotu is the currently exiled former royal prince of the Fire Nation, and captain of his own private squadron of Fire Navy warships.

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The Undesirable Destiny


Zotu was born to the royal Firelord Aizo, and his peasant wife Ursa. Zotu also has a younger sister, Azul, who was born a year after he was. Zotu was primarily raised by his mother, who taught him compassion, the value of human life and generosity, in sharp contrast of Azul, who was primarily taught by Aizo in the ways of war, cruelty, and ruthless strategy. While Zotu was the older sibling, he was overshadowed by Azul, who showed extreme firebending proficiency from an early age, alongside her sadistic nature.

At the age of thirteen, Zotu was invited by his father to attend a war meeting between Aizo and his six top military advisors. When Aizo proposed sacrificing an entire platoon of soldiers as a distraction while tanks overtook the Earth city they were targeting, Zotu became outraged and protested such a blatant waste of servicemen.

To punish his son for his insolence, Aizo sentenced him to exile and challenged him to an Agni Kai. During the duel, Zotu refused to strike his own father. Begging his father for forgiveness, he fell to his knees and pleaded for mercy. Declaring the boy a weakling and disowning him, Aizo then blasted his son with white-hot fire straight to the face, which burnt off the entire left half of Zotu's face, leaving his tendons, teeth, and whole left eyeball exposed, which was damaged beyond repair.

Deciding that Zotu at the least deserved proper recovery from his wound, Yzai delayed the exile until his fifteenth birthday. Zotu was given top-of-the-line emergency surgery to preserve and disinfect the burnt-off half of his face. His irreparably damaged left eyeball was replaced with a top-of-the-line mechanical eyeball that tenuously connected to his nerves, allowing limited vision through it.

Between the day Zotu was released from emergency care and the day of his exile, he trained endlessly and vigorously to ensure that he was prepared for the world outside of the Fire Nation. During this period of intense training, Zotu researched the background of the Avatar Spirit and the declaration that the Avatar Cycle had broken. Zotu determined that it was impossible for the cycle to have broken, and when he gave this proposal with its evidence to Aizo, the Firelord decided that he would offer his son a chance at redemption.

"Prove your dedication to the Fire Nation then, Zotu. Track down the Avatar and bring him or her to me in chains."

On the day of his fifteenth birthday, Zotu was given his private squadron of warships and sent out to sea, being told that he could not enter Fire Nation boundaries or waters unless the Avatar was in tow. Although Zotu is not truly violent by nature, he has taken out the bitterness that he retains from his exile on those around him and has behaved violently in response to vices that disgust him.

Zotu's luck had turned for the better, as the Avatar has surrendered to him in exchange for him sparing the Southern Peak tribe, but the Avatar managed to pull him into a change of heart with his wise advice. Zotu's mindset was put into chaos after the consideration of abandoning his pursuit of his father's acceptance, and the discovery that his thoughts had been tampered with. He has resolved to try and be more compassionate and kind towards the people he meets.

After the destruction of the ship he'd been on, Zotu returned to the flagship of his squadron and attempted to prevent the raid by his soldiers on the village of Rhao Han. There, he did battle with an officer who had attempted mutiny, Kai. Following his departure from Rhao Han, Zotu came in contact with a fellow exile and refugee, the legendary Dragon of the West. Zotu convinced the Dragon to travel with him and serve as his advisor.

Upon the inception of their warship's journey up the Fialbi river, Zotu and Indo discovered that an informant, which possessed knowledge that Zotu would value, was in hiding in a nearby dock village. Upon meeting with the informant in an inn, Zotu discovered that his memories had possibly been tampered with by brain surgeons that currently serve under the Dai Li. However, he was unable to extract any leads to follow up on from the informant, and their meeting ended in bloodshed. On the informant's body was a metal trinket marking him as an associate of the Brimstone Quarter, privateers that operate out of Lake Ozin. Zotu and Indo decided to continue traveling upriver until they reached the lake and could contact the privateers.


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Book Two: 1 - 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 - 16, 18 - 20

Book Three: 1 - 20

45/60 Chapters for the first three Books

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