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Zorro was a former Fire Nation Army General who led an expedition to re-discover Weatherbending. After gathering his group, he intended to target Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko, for what they did to end the War, as Zorro was an Ozai loyalist.

He is a main antagonist in The Weatherbenders.


Early Life

Zorro was born as the only child to his parents, and revealed himself to be a Firebender at the age of six.

He began his training in Firebending a year later, quickly climbing up the ladder. He mastered several moves in his youth, and became a Firebending master when he was fourteen.

In 77 AG, Zorro was called to military service to serve in the War.

War Years

Zorro started as a private, but within three years, became a Lieutenant. He later took part in the capture of Gaipan, taking the small village in 81 AG.

By continuing to take the lead in and win battles, Zorro was looked favorably upon by generals. Finally, in 86 AG, Fire Lord Azulon promoted Zorro to brigadier general.

Zorro's brigade took part in General Iroh's Siege of Ba Sing Se in 93 AG. Zorro was looking forward to capturing the city and finally claiming victory in the War. He worked well with Iroh, setting up several invasions and becoming one of his trusted advisors. However, after the death of Iroh's son Lu Ten, the siege ended, much to Zorro's disappointment.

After the siege, Zorro continued as brigadier general, leading his forces into Omashu in 100 AG, taking the city. He elected to keep his brigade around the local area, to hold it. However, he lost here as well, when his brigade was pushed out during the Day of Black Sun, and the city's liberation by King Bumi.

Zorro's brigade only saw spotty service the rest of the War, and returned home after the Fire Nation was defeated. However, Zorro still dreamed of a Fire Nation-ruled world, and grew a great distaste for Fire Lord Zuko's plan for peace, believing he was still a traitor. Later, while reading history texts to research revolt plans, Zorro heard of a lost art, and planned to gather up allies to help him reach it and take the world with it.

The Meteorologists

Zorro gathered up his staff: Northern Water Tribe citizen Kianna, and Baktan, a brother of her husband, and Reeaki, from the real world. In 102 AG, they made their way to Wan Shi Tong's library, and despite the fact that the library was buried, they made their way in and stole the ancient knowledge of the buried art of Weatherbending.

Over the next several weeks, Zorro and his staff trained themselves in the art, and used it to plan for a global takeover. In order to keep the Meteorologists together, he decided he would not tell anyone of the Fire Nation-ruled world. However, Zorro first laid the plan to take the Fire Nation Capital, after defeating Fire Lord Zuko in some way. He later planned to use the rest of his crew to weaken other major parts of the world through significantly changing the weather, drawing all of Team Avatar out.

Zorro's plan suffered a ruffle when Reeaki deserted the crew, choosing not to attack Team Avatar due to the admiration he had for them in the real world.

Nevertheless, Zorro pressed on, using his Weatherbending to draw heat out of the Capital, hoping to kill off crops and start a revolt against Zuko as the result of a famine. He planned for a Team Avatar, including Reeaki, to intervene, setting up a plan for an attack on them if they came, eliminating a threat to this revolution.

In chapter five, Zorro and the Meteorologists finally encountered Team Avatar and engaged them in battle. Zorro dealt with Aang and Zuko. He defeated Zuko fairly early on with fire discs, dragging Mai in. Later, Ezan joined in after defeating Toph. They fought well against Aang and Mai, but couldn't get a definitive upper hand. They elected to finish the battle with the Weatherbending move of heat manipulation, raising the temperature to a point that caused Team Avatar to collapse. With their biggest threat defeated, Zorro and the Meteorologists proceeded to the Fire Nation Capital.

Reign as Fire Lord

Zorro and the Meteorologists easily overwhelmed the Capital with Weatherbending, and forced acting Fire Lord Tizou to bow down and surrender. As a result, Zuko was officially out of power, and Zorro was now Fire Lord. He planned to use his power to take over the world, as Sozin and his descendants tried to do.

Along with his fellow Meteorologists and new generals, Zorro drafted a plan for global take over. The plan involved sieging the Southern Water Tribe, using that siege to take the Northern Water Tribe, then concluding with a strike against the Earth Kingdom. With this, he would send Kianna and Baktan to rule over the Water Tribes, and send Ezan to rule over the Earth Kingdom, uniting the world under the Meteorologist banner.

Ruffled by rebellion

Zorro's plan took a hit with the launch of the Rebellion Against the New Reign, formed by three of Zuko's former generals. After an initial failure, the rebellion kicked into motion with the capture of several towns. The pressure forced Zorro to withdraw some of his troops from the Earth Kingdom attack.

His Siege of the South, regardless, was still active, and thus he sent Kianna and Baktan down to handle what he believed would be the South Pole's imminent surrender. However, the influence of Team Avatar would soon unravel Zorro's plans.

On 14 September, the Fire Nation Rebel Army attacked Zorro's forces at the Capital. A day later, the Rebels gained the of Aang and Zuko, prompting them to make large advances. With that, him and Ezan were forced to join the battle.

Battle and death

Zorro and Ezan successfully tracked down Aang and Zuko. With that, the four engaged in a duel. The advantage switched back and forth. At one point, Zorro nearly killed Zuko, but Aang used Airbending to save him and get them away from Zorro. After more close fighting, Aang and Zuko again went on the run. Zorro and several soldiers, along with Ezan, were able to close them in. However, Aang and Zuko unleashed a devastating Weatherbending move. Zorro and Ezan tried to counter it, but they were overwhelmed.

The attack wound up burning Zorro to death, in addition to him being slammed into a wall. The Fire Lord was pronounced dead on the battlefield.

All the meanwhile, his global conquest hopes ended. The Rebels captured the Capital shortly after his death, which allowed Zuko to eventually become Fire Lord again. Further, Kianna and Baktan, along with the Fire Nation Navy, were defeated at the Southern Water Tribe, and his men were defeated in the Earth Kingdom.

Essentially, Zorro died with nothing left to his name.


Zorro was a tough individual, down to Earth and hard-working. He was very patriotic, believing his nation was the best and that it should rule all lands. He did not take no for an answer, and ran a tight ship, so to speak. Under Zorro, one needed to be prepared to work hard and follow all orders.


Zorro was a master Firebender. He knew nearly every move in the book, having known it and trained in it from such a young age. His Firebending alone made him a dangerous man.

Further, Zorro had mastered Weatherbending in terms of Fire. His best work was with temperature control, also known as heat manipulation. He could change the temperature by several degrees in a matter of just seconds, making one affected by his forced changes to go from comfortably warm to either unbearably hot or cold in a short period of time.

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