By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Zorka's Observatory
Physical information

Far Eastern Island, Earth Kingdom

First appearance

Ep.14: The Observatory

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Map of Earth

Zorka's Observatory is currently a set of ancient ruins located on the far eastern island of the Earth Kingdom. Before the Avatar, it was once an advanced facility until it became abandoned once the Shadow Nation had become wiped out. It is guarded by the Voronon Armophlli.


The observatory was once a facility to the Shadow Nation, where the zoologist, Zorka, had worked during her lifetime and the early years of Armophlli, one of the Voronon created during the time. When the Shadow Nation was wiped out, the observatory became fully abandoned, the area completely taken over by vegetation.

Kuvira, Asami Sato, Jinora, and Kai arrived to find the observatory and explored within the area after confronting Armophlli. Asami and Kuvira convinced Armophlli to not attack Kai and Jinora, and Armophlli let them explore the area. They were found by a herd of Sky Cows during their stay and soon decided to spare the place of losing the Voronon, and left the area with good memories.


The observatory is made up of four large, rounded-roof buildings, with a gigantic broken dome to the back. The entire area is covered in forest vegetation. Even if the vegetation appeared to be apart of the Spirit Wilds, many of the plants are actually natural growth, a gigantic tree, similar to the banyan-grove tree in the Foggy Swamp, grew from the dome. Many of the buildings were also covered by flora vines, leaves, moss, and trees due to lack of maintenance.

The facility borders to a deep river flowing from the mountains. The river flows from two waterfalls, which create a cooling moist atmosphere around the observatory.

Known inhabitants

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