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Two Separate Lives

Zorin is Siro's older brother and is currently training at a Fire Nation military school to become a Fire Nation soldier.


Zorin was born to Zala, a pottery maker, and Lee Wang, a personal advisor to the head of the town, Sen Go. He is a Firebender despite neither of his parents actually possessing Firebending abilities. He was born approximately four years before his brother, Siro. Unlike Siro, Zorin excelled in Firebending training, but tended to fall behind in academics. He spent many wonderful times with Siro, both of them enjoying challenges against each other and countless jokes. Like all older siblings, Zorin would often become annoyed by Siro's antics, but the two were and remain extremely close.

Although not particularly fond of academics, Zorin did take up an interest in the history of the Fire Nation Military when he was thirteen. When he turned fifteen, his parents consented to his plead to enroll in a military school a few miles away from home. Zorin left home both enthusiastic and saddened. His departure had a negative impact on Siro who deeply misses his brother's company despite the fact that Zorin visits almost every week or so.


Zorin was always a little out-of-the-box, seeking thrill and new challenges. He was fond of taking up any new dares or feats and craved excitement. He exhibits a laidback, cool type personality in school, but becomes more loving and caring when at home with his family. Like Siro, he enjoys and cherishes the times he spends
Zuko blocks attack

Zorin shows mastery of Firebending during a training session with Siro.

with him.


Zorin is a Firebending Master, having been one since fifteen years-old. He performs Firebending moves with great power and equally impressive form which always won him Siro's admiration. Being enrolled in a military school, he is also gaining increased political knowledge and learning battle strategies and military tactics.


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