Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the The Rise of Lirin continuity.
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Royal Palace

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Ursa (daughter), Lirin (son), Rishu (father), Lira (mother)


Luei, Qon

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Zorin is the Fire Lord and father of Avatar Lirin. This powerful man is dedicated to grooming his children for greatness.


Zorin is the son of Fire Lord Rishu, raised in a family of power and determination. Zorin inherited the throne in his time. He would have two children; a daughter, Ursa, and a son, Lirin.

When Lirin turned fifteen, it was announced that he was the Avatar, a political advantage for his father. Zorin sent his son to train in the nearby Whispering Canyon Temple in airbending.

Zorin kept control of those who trained Lirin, picking the best, however he had misgivings about sending Lirin to Ba Sing Se to learn earthbending from the Royal Line.


Sozin outraged

Zorin was not easily angered, but was terrible to behold when he was.

Zorin is a powerful and intimidating individual. He rarely loses his temper, but will take that which irks him personally. Cautious and ambitious, Zorin thinks of nothing as beneath politics and the status of his family, including the control of his children.

Zorin is a confident military commander with experience in many campaigns over the years with skill in counter-insurgency strikes. As such, he has an attitude of repeated small hits in both war and diplomacy.


  • Zorin is ambitious but cautious, knowing that there are both opportunities and risks to his son's status as the Avatar.
  • Zorin and Lirin are constantly at odds over how the young prince behaves, this has lasted since before he was announced as the Avatar and has grown since Zorin wants him to keep up both his personal and family image.
  • Zorin married a Kyoshi Warrior, using the marriage pact as a way to annex Kyoshi Island from the Earth Kingdom.

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