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Zorin Tsao
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Zorin Tsao is the teenage female protagonist on Avatar: Birth of a Nation.


Ever serene and rebellious, Zorin is almost the typical black sheep of the family. Cunning like a fox, and strong as a lion, she made her name among the Noble families with her intellect, sarcasm, and beauty. As a kid, Zorin was praised for her intellectuality but deemed a rebel after disobeying her parents' orders repeatedly. She dislikes following the way of a stereotypical noble woman, although disliking more to perform any physical task. She enjoys her privileges as nobility member at its fullest. Her rebellious nature leaded to her father sending her to the Earth Kingdom after embarrassing her mother at a Tea Ceremony. Zorin as most teenagers posses the desire to see the world with her own eyes, but her love for commodity and the noble's privileges had kept her from travelling.


Early life

Zorin was born in the Fire Nation to the Tsao family. The Tsao were a noble clan during the Fire Sages' regime, the Tsao were subordinates to the sages, as there were local administrators of small region of the Fire Empire. Zorin's parents were both Firebenders,
Prodigy Azula

Zorin practicing Firebending as a young girl

revered for their dedication to their people, which gained them the favor of the theocracy. Zorin was the first daughter the couple had, before her two males were born. Zorin proved her prowess for Firebending early on life, which prompted her parents into teaching her the bending art.

When she reached 10, she had not only surpassed her older brothers in Firebending, but also her intelligence was regarded highly by the Sages. One sage declared that, "She her only sin was to be born a noble, she would be a perfect sage."

Life of a prodigy

Charismatic and regarded as the Tsao's finest daughter, marriage arrangement proposals arrived to her parents as soon as Zorin celebrated her thirteen birthday. Zorin's mother disliked the idea of giving her daughter to any suitor at a young age. She replied that anyone what wished to marry her should wait until she became a woman.

When Zorin reached fourteen years old, she transformed into a beautiful woman, whom most noble heirs coveted. As most teenagers, she began to question the authority of her parents, and began to seek for independence. Zorin became more rebellious to the point, of disregarding any order from her family. Her serene personality persisted, but with a sharp tongue and a bright mind, aside her beauty, she became a rebel without a cause

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