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Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe (formerly)
Tokilluk Institute

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Nuwa (wife)


Nuwa, Mouok, Nalka, Tonraq


Massak, Ogon, Unalaq, Northern Water Tribe, spirits

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Southern Water Tribe guard (formerly)


Southern Water Tribe

Zokkam was a former warrior from the Southern Water Tribe who fell victim to Paladin Massak's Mindbending in 171 AG, a week after Harmonic Convergence, and was subsequently placed in the Tokilluk Institute.


Zokkam was the son of two non-waterbending parents in the south, and was the sister of Nalka, who was a waterbender. During his childhood, he encountered chief Sokka, who assured him that being the non-bender was nothing to be ashamed of, and that he might father waterbenders someday.

Zokkam followed in Sokka's footsteps, becoming a great fighter and warrior, and served the southern navy fight off a few pirate raids stealing southern shipments. Zokkam would eventually meet and marry Nuwa, and they had a son together named Mouok. Zokkam eventually gained a position guarding the city's ports, and seemed very contempt with his position, and even more so knowing that Mouok was a waterbender, something he and Nuwa had both hoped for at least one of their children.

Water Tribe Civil War

Zokkam fought on the side of the south during the civil war between the southerners and the north. Zokkam helped hold the northerners back, but like the others he was overwhelmed by the dark spirits being controlled by chief Unalaq. Zokkam helped the wounded into underground bunkers.

Confronting Massak

A week after Harmonic Convergence, Zokkam still worried for his family, but was assured by master Katara that they would both survive. He carried on his duties as a guard throughout the week. He was in the middle of the city when a tornado appeared.

Zokkam was able to see what appeared to be a person at the heart of the storm, knowing already that it couldn't have been created naturally. He ordered one of the fellow guards to head to the beacon near the docks to signal for Avatar Korra, but before anything could be done, a figure appeared near them. The figure easily bested two waterbenders, causing Zokkam to attack. But before he could do anything, Zokkam suddenly appeared in a frozen wasteland.

To be continued.....


Although not a waterbender, Zokkam was trained to be a strong fighter and warrior for the Southern Tribe, having been able to hold off several waterbenders during the civil war. Like a waterbender, he preferred to let his opponents strike first, allowing him to access a weakness, and strike at the best opportunity.

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