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Fang (Spirit) By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow and Book Seven: Order continuity.
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Zizi (by Ikki)


Water Tribe



Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


21 (Book Five: Memory)

22 (Book Seven: Order)


153 AG

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Teeth (occasionally), martial arts

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Korra (twin sister), Tonraq, Senna (parents), Unalaq (uncle), Desna and Eska (cousins)

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Jessie Flower (Voice of Toph)

Ziyou is a headstrong, tough girl and twin sister of Avatar Korra, whom she had become separated from since their birth thanks to Unalaq and his desire to teach the Avatar the ways of the spirits.



Ziyou was born among the Southern Water Tribe, alongside her twin sister, Korra. Soon after that, Unalaq visited her home, and asked Tonraq to bring her sister back to the North, which Tonraq refused. However, one night, she was taken away by some of Unalaq's men, who mistook her for Korra. Their mistake wasn't realized until she was shown to Unalaq, yet she wasn't brought back, out of fear that Tonraq will go against Unalaq for taking her away. For some time, Ziyou was simply kept there for a while, keeping out of sight. But, after the failed capture by the Red Lotus, Ziyou was chosen instead to put in training.

Ziyou was brought under Unalaq's wing, being taught and cared for by Unalaq and her cousins, Desna and Eska for years. However, she found out at a rather young age of how she ended up there in the first place. As such, she managed to run away from home, sneaking onto a cargo ship heading for the Earth Kingdom. She no longer wanted anything to do with her uncle. After she left, Unalaq fooled her parents to think she was officially dead, frozen in the polar ice caps.

She remained within the Earth Kingdom since that event, trying to survive the best she could. Since she was alone for most of the time, her behavior became slightly more feral (examples include running on 4 legs instead of 2 legs from time to time, and fighting with her teeth). Her life on her own had made her more agile as well. As time went by, she made another discovery about herself: she suddenly had gained airbending! Her airbending came from nowhere, and became hard for her to control, but eventually, she managed to figure it out. Since she was mainly away from people, and didn't use her bending unless for an agility boost (which was hardly noticeable), she wasn't aware of the Avatar's search for airbenders at the time.

Book Five: Memory

Republic City

After she continued to wander, she found herself in Republic City on her travels, close to starvation. In a desperate attempt, she tried to steal some food from one of the markets, only to get called out by the shop owner. In an attempt to keep Lin Beifong's police away from her, she covered herself with a pile of cabbage, claiming she had a hostage. That worked for a good while, until Korra decided to confront her and reason with her. At the time, Ziyou didn't know that Korra was in there, so she tried her best to get her to go. She spoke with her for a while, until Korra said she would bring the police in. That got Ziyou offensive and that, along with her bluff being blown, she lunged at her. Only until after that, did she find out who she was fighting against. Shocked, she quickly managed to escape the police, ducking into an alleyway as they drove past, but Korra caught up to her again, demanding some answers. Ziyou tried to confess, but before she could fully tell her, the police found her again. She told Korra to meet her by the spirit portal the following night and ran away.

The next night, Ziyou kept true to her word, and went to the spirit portal to confront Korra and, as it turned out, Asami. It was here when Ziyou revealed herself as Korra's twin sister, and explained her entire ordeal with Unalaq to her while she stayed in order to prove herself to be true. In the end, she proved herself and was happily accepted in by Korra herself.

Ziyou, with the help of Korra, managed to get in without anyone else knowing, as requested by Ziyou, and there Korra helped her catch up on what had happened to her during the time. When the next day came around, Ziyou was found sleeping on the window sill, instead of in Korra's makeshift bed on the floor, claiming that she couldn't get comfortable. Before they could continue, Ikki went in their room and Ziyou introduced herself earlier than she'd like. When they heard about the call from her cousins, Ziyou agreed to go, knowing by that point that Unalaq was no longer alive, thus no longer an issue.

Ziyou was the last to get outside when it was time to go, kind of having to do a quick introduction of herself to the others. However, she wasn't too fond when she met Lin Beifong again, with whom she immediately argued once the situation was brought up again. She basically walked back up into the airship after a bit, waiting for the others to come along.

It took them a while sooner to travel upward to the North Pole, and eventually they had to stop in a seaside town, where they were reunited with Ikki. Ziyou was the only one who remained calm as Ikki was explaining herself, and actually sympathised with her. With her help, she convinced the others to bring Ikki along, and told Ikki to get comfortable inside. Korra went over to her, saying how that was smart of her and Ziyou replied that she could relate to Ikki's situation as they both went back on the ship.

North Pole

Before the group had made it to the North Pole, Ziyou heard Mako's confusion about Asami and Korra being together far more often lately, and Ziyou decided to check it out herself. Ziyou saw the 2 sitting together in Korra's room, actually finding the situation more humorous than shocking (though she was shocked at first), and she tried to tell the others about it. She was stopped, and was convinced to not tell yet.

When they did arrive to the North Pole, she followed the others right to Desna and Eska, whom she was happy to meet again after such a long time. She did find the lack of emotion from both twins rather confusing, and just went along with it.

After the first attempt to remove the Qishi failed, Ziyou went with Desna alone to try to figure out the problem. Since not much else was going on, she and Desna had some small chat for a bit, Ziyou finding out about Desna and Eska's attempts to kill Korra in the past, making the situation more awkward than needed to be. During this, she and Desna found a star spirit, who told them what the creatures were, but didn't have time to tell her about El Niño, being caught by the Qishi again.

After their plan failed to work, Ziyou waited in the other room when the Qishi returned to the palace, the group engaging in a fight. Ziyou was doing fairly well, although beaten up, until Naga drove them away. Ziyou joined Bolin in congratulating her.

Fire Nation

Before the group got to the Fire Nation, Ziyou visited her cousins, Desna and Eska, discussing their behaviour and how she'd help them out with it. As a joke to start, she used her airbending to mess up their hair, and called in Ikki to help her out with their makeover. When the group did arrive, Ziyou reminded the twins to be more cheerful, demonstrating a smile. But when Desna and Eska simply gritted their teeth for a smile, Ziyou commented that it'd be harder than she first thought it to be. Ziyou went with the others to get some more supplies, and was told about El Niño and his involvement with the new creatures in Jang Hui. Before the group could leave, Ziyou and Korra took Naga out for a walk and Ziyou brought up Korra's relationship with Asami Sato, curious as well. Before it could go any further, she came across El Niño (in human form), as she was wondering about his connection, not knowing who he was at the time.

When they arrived in Fire Fountain City, Ziyou helped the others in the patrol, joining with Kai, Opal and Ikki in their endeavor to find El Niño. During that, however, she discovered a drunk Korra, and tested to see how drunk she was, claiming 'she's gone'. When Korra left, Ziyou had to go with her to handle her until she recovered. While in the airship, she kept helping Korra out for a while, and just managed to save the airship from the oncoming flood.

When Korra came back to, Ziyou was the one who revealed what happened to Fire Fountain, and tried to calm her down and get her on the right path until they arrived to the next town. When they arrived, Ziyou was guided to the Phoenix Inn by Desna, where she was introduced to the staff. When the group got together to discuss what to do with El Niño, Ziyou agreed with Bolin about how naïve El Niño was, pointing out his behavior back in Fire Fountain. After Korra returned to the physical world after a visit to the Spirit World, Ziyou was the first to notice their airship flying off without them, and quickly chased after it alongside Opal. They were the first to get back, yet Ziyou had to run alongside the ship, and used her airbending to get back inside. She continued fighting for a good while, and eventually helped out with Kai's plan to make a tornado to drive the Qishi away, and helped Kai with the air currents. Ziyou tried to help later on when Korra was struggling to bring Naga back, unsuccessfully.

When the airship crashed, Ziyou got up from the wreck, yet tried to stop Korra from yelling at Kai. However, that only resulted in her own argument with her sister until Eska stopped them both, and got them to go inland. While going through, Ziyou was the first to find Sekitan someways in, and wanted to just go through to the Capitol, but had to wait around a bit first, much to her annoyance. She eventually got her wish once Hotaru got them a ride, and helped fight off the Qishi as they went through.

When arriving at the Capitol, Ziyou agreed to go to the Spirit World, mostly because she had never been there before. She went with the others while going through the Spirit World on Chi. While on Chi, however, Ziyou argued with Korra again until they realized the effects on the spirits, causing her to stop and keep on her behavior until the trip was done.

Ziyou didn't waste any time once she returned to the Fire Nation Capitol, getting up and starting after El Niño almost immediately. Ziyou tried to stop El Niño from escaping, but was unable to because of El Niño's watery skin. Ziyou tried to keep up until Korra finally sealed El Niño away, along with Eska.

After the event, Ziyou went looking for Desna and explained to him that he should go back to Republic City in order to help regain himself.

Book Six: Shadow

After spending a few months in Republic City, Ziyou had grown quite the liking of the place. While staying with Korra, Ziyou finally officially met her birth parents, Tonraq and Senna. During the meeting, she found out what Unalaq did after she left and the reason why they never told Korra about her. Whilst a bit upset about the reason, Ziyou just shrugged it off and got to know her parents better.

After that, when she found a couple of bandits, she took it upon herself to take them out instead of waiting for the police to arrive. She managed to stop them, but Lin didn't exactly give her thanks to Ziyou, so she just left, claiming she'd be begging for her help someday. As the day went on, Ziyou went around Republic City in order to find her sister, Korra. Meanwhile, she visited Asami and Hotaru at the airfield, and Zhu Li and Varrick after giving them a print upon Asami's request. She found Korra back on Air Temple Island, and they decided to go check on Jinora's training group, but Ziyou came up with the idea to disguise each other as one another, part of a prank idea which had gone through very well.

Soon afterwards, she, Korra and Bolin went to check up on Mako and Lin Beifong, finding out about the issue at Kuvira's prison cell. Unable to resist, Ziyou went right after them, and joined in their search of the wrecked cell. Ziyou found Kuvira nearby and was mistaken for the Avatar again. Ziyou soon came across Shuvirra, whom she helped to defeat.

Voronon Hunting

When the group found out what to do, Ziyou came along with the others to help stop the monsters. Ziyou also helped Ikki out and managed to bring her along (and Jinora apparently). Soon after leaving Republic City, the group came across Gronihag, whom Ziyou and Ikki both started to fight. Ziyou acted as a distraction for a while until Kai finished it off. When Gronihag was defeated, Ziyou continued with the others and eventually found a cargo ship by the Serpent's Pass full of dead workers. Ziyou got onto the ship and helped investigate until Yiplov became active, and Ziyou helped stop it.

After a while, Ziyou was looking over where to go until Asami Sato suggested they split up. Ziyou had doubts over the plan but eventually agreed to it. After dropping off Asami in the Si Wong Desert, Ziyou was assigned to go fight Katayt and Koyot alongside Korra. They both were dropped off at Accuro and soon found the two Voronon. However, Ziyou and Korra were nearly killed when they ended up trapped in an air-tight prison and passed out before they were rescued by the rest of the team.

She woke up later on in Ba Sing Se, figuring out that she had to stay bed bound for about a week, and was knocked out for five full days. As such, she and Korra had to wait in bed while the others went out and, soon, dealt with Liunovvix. Her frustration eventually got to the point where she, alongside her sister, got outside and were soon fighting it too. Eventually, Ziyou followed it and found the fireworks being displayed that same night. Ziyou then took one of the fireworks and fired it at the wolf, injuring it before it gave up.

Ziyou stayed with the others, handling more Voronon along the way until she returned to Republic City, to find Taar. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to finish off Taar, and had to escape as Republic City was destroyed.

United Purgatory

During the united movement, Ziyou was brought to Raiko, and was given the mission to look for any survivors within Republic City. When she arrived though, she ended up attacked, and separated from the others. Upon waking up, she found one of the creatures, though focused more on finding the rest as it followed her. Eventually, she found Mako, and Bolin, and joined them in their search. During this, she found a deformed child, though insisted that they not bring it (although Bolin brought it anyway). Ziyou eventually found her sister, and they all went off to the Aang Memorial Island. Ziyou tried to help, until Jinora returned, and brought them to the Spirit Portal.

Book Seven: Order

The portal brought them back to the North Pole, and Ziyou spent a few days there before the group went to Zenshu.

After a year since arriving back, Ziyou had been doing her own thing for the most part. One day, she found a message sent by "Big Momma", which she quickly showed to Asami and Korra. She then went off to the local police station to give it to Lin, but upon arriving, she instead showed it to chief Muro before going on her way.


Ziyou is the type of person who would much rather charge in and hope for the best, rather than wait and think it through, being mostly an impatient woman. Despite her lack of patience, she does have a brave and courageous heart, and will not go down, or give up that easily. She is quite blunt though, and can sometimes make a comment without much thought on it.

She was also shown to be a bit charismatic with her words, and quick to get tempered if things arise.


Wild Side

Due to her time outside civilization, she had developed a more feral behaviour. She is able to run on 4 legs as fast as she would on 2 legs (maybe even faster). Sometimes, when pinned or cornered, she will use her teeth to fight her way out.


Upon her discovery of her airbending, she hadn't had much use for it aside for agility. She specialized in the air boosts she can use to make much higher jumps. She had managed to improve on her bending as time went on.

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