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Zikai was a general in the Army of the Earth Kingdom who commanded the elite 88th Division early on during the Hundred Year War. Born in Omashu, he joined the Earth King's army at an early age and attended a Fire Nation military academy before the war.


Early life and service

Hailing from Omashu, Zikai came from a military family. Although they were non-benders, his forefathers had fought in the armies of the King of Omashu. However, Zikai was a bit of a nationalist, and believed that the Earth Kingdom needed greater unity. He joined the Military of the Earth Kingdom at the age of seventeen, and after passing examinations in Ba Sing Se with high marks, he was accepted into an officer school. When he was nineteen, Zikai volunteered for a program in which a couple dozen Earth Kingdom cadets would be sent to a Fire Nation military academy, as part of a bigger effort by the Fire Nation to improve the kingdom's military following an agreement with the Earth King. He spent three years training and learning from some of the Fire Nation Army's best instructors. During that time, Zikai developed and admiration of and respect for Fire Nation culture, valuing its tenets of discipline, patriotism, and honor.

After graduating, the young Earth Kingdom officer returned to his homeland and was commissioned as a lieutenant. He proved to be an excellent officer and capable leader, rising to the rank of captain within a year. Zikai spent some time stationed in the southern Earth Kingdom, commanding an infantry company near Gaoling. The young captain was later reassigned to the war ministry in Ba Sing Se, where he served as a staff officer in the foreign armies section. During his time there, Zikai was an advocate of closer cooperation with the Fire Nation (even as relations cooled between the two countries following increased demands from Fire Lord Sozin). In 4 BG, Zikai was promoted to colonel and was given command of the 88th Division, which was stationed in the Ba Sing Se Military District.

Commanding the Eighty-eighth

Not too long before Zikai's appointment to command of the 88th Division, the Earth King made a deal with Sozin in which the Earth Kingdom would provide more raw materials for the Fire Nation, if the Fire Lord would dispatch military advisers to the kingdom. Sozin reluctantly agreed, and a military mission was dispatched to Ba Sing Se. Since he had experience with the Fire Nation, Zikai and his unit were one of the first selected to be trained by the advisers. As the Council of Five (the kingdom's top generals) predicted, the colonel and the Fire Nation officers got along well. Under their oversight, the 88th Division underwent a harsh and brutal training regiment, at camp located forty kilometers south of Ba Sing Se. By the time its training was finished, the 88th was one of the best units in the Earth King's army (along with the 1st, 36th, and 87th divisions, which also underwent training under Fire Nation advisers).


Outspoken, patriotic, and quick-thinking, Zikai was considered to be an excellent officer and charismatic leader. He adapted quickly to military life and loved the discipline and comradeship in the Earth Kingdom Army. A brilliant tactician, he attracted the attention of higher-ranking officers during examinations, and later graduated among the top in his class from a military academy in the Fire Nation.

Zikai had developed an interest in and admiration for Fire Nation culture, agreeing with its values of discipline, honor, and patriotism. That was why he felt betrayed by the Fire Nation when it attacked the Earth Kingdom, but, being a patriot, had no qualms with fighting his former allies.

He had a penchant for organization and administration, showing himself to be a competent staff officer while working at the war ministry and when commanding the 88th Division. Under his leadership during the early part of the War, the 88th gained a reputation for being among the most elite units of the Earth Kingdom Army.

Preceded by
Commander of the 88th Division
4 BG — 9 AG
Succeeded by

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