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Zifu is a character in Avatar: Guardian.

Early Life

Zifu was born to two military parents, both who expected a lot from him. His parents controlled every aspect of his life, from what he ate to when and where he practiced Firebending. They pushed him through his Firebending training, aiming for him to get a commission, which he eventually did.

Military Service

Unfortunately, the first mission Zifu was sent on was Iroh's Siege of Ba Sing Se. A high percentage of his unit was killed during the siege, and Zifu himself was injured in the battle. He, like many others, was sent home to recuperate away from the battle with a medal. Zifu was slightly traumatized by the death of so many of his comrades, but the military doctors ignored it, saying that after being reassigned, that he would be back to normal.

The doctors ordered that he be reassigned, and he was placed in the 41st division, a group of entirely new recruits where he was to be their captain. Unfortunately, the plan of General Bujing interfered. The division was to be used as bait for a group of the Earth Kingdom's most powerful soldiers. The division Zifu commanded was slaughtered, and Zifu himself was knocked unconscious during the battle. When he awakened, he woke up to a battlefield littered with the bodies of his soldiers. This brought back memories of his experiences in Ba Sing Se.

Upon returning home again, the Military removed him from active service, where his descent into madness was slowed. He lived a relatively quiet life in the Fire Nation colonies until the War was ended. When he was forced to vacate his home, Zifu's lust for revenge grew. While wandering the streets one day, he happened to encounter an old man. Zifu berated the man, and opened up his problems. The man offered him a way to get it all back, introducing himself as Admiral Jiang Rha.

A New Assignment

Judging from his rank, Jiang assigned him a group of Phoenix Warriors and told him to begin conquering towns in the southern Earth Kingdom. When he receives a letter ordering him to show no mercy in conquering the next town, he orders his current aide to open and read it to him, despite the Captain's rule about not reading his mail. The aide obliges, only to be literally shot down by Zifu. He reads the orders, and realizes that he must conquer the nearby Earth Kingdom village.

After he conquers the village through ambush, Zifu is happy with his new conquest. He sees fire blasts going into the sky, and he is enraged that mutiny would happen in his unit. He goes to fix it, only to realize that it is an Earthbender instead. He duels Haru, and manages to defeat him. After his victory, he orders that the Earthbender will be imprisoned along with the rest of the captured citizens of the village.

The next morning, when he was supposed to burn down the village and kill any survivors, the village leader and Team Avatar arrive to try and take back the village. Zifu battles along with his Phoenix Warriors, but the advantage of Avatar and Fire Lord are too much. His entire unit is captured, and he manages to escape north.

When he finally arrives at Taku, he is confronted by other soldiers. The soldiers taunt his damaged armor and his filthy appearance. Enraged, Zifu attacks, defeating the soldiers. He moves into a tent, though it is found to be empty. He is told that the colonel is on a ship, and he leaves to find the leader. The leader is brought onto the ship's deck, and Zifu demands more soldiers. The colonel refuses, berating Zifu on his poor leadership skills. Jiang Rha arrives, and he orders the two to fight an Agni Kai.

Fire bomb

Zifu's death by fire

Zifu duels against the colonel, fighting fiercely though being easily outmatched. He is struck in the side by a lightning bolt, collapsing before being killed by a fire blast to the face.


Zifu, having suffered an immense amount of trauma, is likely clinically insane. He has many personality quirks that he is obsessed with. Though it was clearly his military experiences that shattered his psyche, his parents laid the groundwork. Much like Azula, his parents set high expectations, except Zifu's circumstances prevented him from achieving them. He is obsessed with control, making it an order that no one reads his mail, so that all orders flow from him. He also frequently orders his underlings to open his mail, to torment them before executing them for treason.

Zifu, like many who were in the Fire Nation Military, and almost all of those in the Phoenix Warriors, has an almost racist approach to those who are not from his nation. He has referred to those from the Earth Kingdom as "savages" on at least one shown occasion, and believes all are as "barbaric".


Zhao firebends

Zifu Firebending.

Zifu was a skilled Firebender, being drilled from a young age by his parents who were both considered skilled themselves. He was the only soldier in his division who was able to stand equally against a bender from the Earth Kingdom's strongest division. Though defeated, his stand allowed him to at least survive the battle. His duel against Haru shows his abilities, as he produces large amounts of flame. He again fights against a master Firebender, using powerful fire blasts and deflecting fire blasts.


  • He may have been subconsciously inspired by other fanon psychos, like Siwang and Gao, and clearly inspired by the canon Azula.

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