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Mayor of Xi Tong Village

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Book 1: Water Chapter 14: Xi Tong Village

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Book 1: Water Chapter 14: Xi Tong Village

Zhuyao is the mayor of Xi Tong Village. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Early Life

Born in Makapu Village, to two peasants, Zhuyao's father sole purpose was to walk up the volcano each year and check if it'll erupt. But he also worked as a vendor's assistant. His mother was a housewife and stayed home to raise Zhuyao.

About the age of six, Zhuyao and his family moved to Xi Tong Village. Living there his father finally got a new job as fisherman and got double the pay he did when he was a vendor's assistant.

At the age of ten, his mother died of pneumonia. At the time his father had traveled to Taku to retrieve a medicine for her. By the time that Zhuyao's father came back to Xi Tong Village, she had already passed away.

For the next eight years, Zhuyao's life was living hell. Having to cope with the death of his mother, education was difficult, life was difficult. Zhuyao, had to learn how to cook and do feminine chores. Seemingly, as almost everyone in Xi Tong Village was sexist at the time. Many villagers would make fun of him.

Zhuyao, and his father, after the death his mother, rarely spoke to each other. His father was away at work, and wouldn't come back for days. When he did come back he was later ranked up in fisherman status and known as the best fisherman in Xi Tong Village.

Zhuyao, and his father lived in luxury after that, having a bigger home in the village. His mother would've been so happy if she was alive. The mayor had died of old age.

At the age of 23, Zhuyao, had promised the village many things. He had fulfilled those things and was soon elected the mayor of the village. His father was too old to live on his own. And had moved in with Zhuyao.

At 25, Zhuyao, had fallen in love with a scribe from Gaoling, and married her two years after. At the age 29, she bore him a son. Though his son may never carry the status of mayor due to his disability of being deaf. Though he is remarkably, a good earthbender.

Current Life

Still mayor of Xi Tong Village, he lives in peace dealing with family matters, and political things in his village. Just recently, Zhuyao, made dealings with the Air Nomads to import their goods and sell them to the public in stores of the village.

Though no nomads live in Xi Tong Village, any who come to stay at the village are seen as honored guests. His wife, had opened a local library in the village, and often travels the Earth Kingdom looking for books and other things of knowledge to add them to her collection, which deals from Earth Kingdom history to Earth Kingdom folklore and fiction.

His son, even though being deaf, spends his time at the school in Xi Tong Village, as part-time teacher, teaching children with the disability of being deaf, sign language and through the use of sign language tells them that they are normal just as everyone else.

He often spends time with the deaf children and they all play sports and do fun activities.

Raid on Xi Tong Village

During Avatar Rong Yan's visit, to the village. While the Avatar and his airbending teacher are preparing for the temple. During their stay a squad of Water Tribe rebels invade the peaceful village. Hearing that the Avatar was currently staying at the village.

Rong Yan, Yong Ten, and the Earth Kingdom soldier who had given Yong Ten the scroll, fend off the rebels. Later during the battle, the soldier tells them to flee. He and the rest of the guards will fend off the rebels.

With that, Rong Yan and Yong Ten flee to the Southern Air Temple.


  • Unknown Mother (Deceased; Mother)
  • Unknown Father (Father)
  • Unknown Wife (Wife)
  • Unknown Deaf Son (Son)



  • I didn't feel like drawing him a picture so, I put Tong's photo.
  • Zhuyao is Chinese for "major". I googled "mayor" but it gave me the other word.

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