By Commander Kain Highwind Part of the Avatar Roshi continuity.
諸 葛 亮

Zhuge Liang

Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color

Partial gray

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Katana and fire

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending (though a firebender)


The Fire Sages, the Avatar, Avatar Roshi, and more...

Chronological and political information

Firebending instructor

  • Fire sage
  • Master firebender
  • Master swordsmen

Fire Sage


The Fire Lord, the Earth King, the Northern Air Temple, and the Northern Water Tribe.

First appearance

Avatar Roshi/Book 1: Peace

Zhuge Liang is Avatar Roshi's firebending instructor in the Avatar Roshi fanon. He is a master Firebender and is currently Roshi's companion in the fanon.


Zhuge Liang is a laidback, but disciplined Fire Sage. He has taught several apprentice Firebenders in his lifetime showing that he has some understanding of education. While training he is strict for a good reason; he loathes the thought of 'improper training'. His ability in swordsmanship with the katana is renown throughout the Fire Nation as he used to be a General in the Fire Nation's military.

Firebending Students

Zhuge Liang has been training Firebenders for 21 years. Very few of his students do not become at least descent in Firebending over the three-year course of every students training. Each class he's taught has roughly 20 students, meaning he's taught about 140 students.

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