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Raava By OMGdidiwin Part of the Avatar: The Severed Spirit continuity.
Milou Hu
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color

Black with grey streaks

Eye color

Light Green

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earth, Metal

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending

Bending style(s)

Earthbending, Metalbending


Lei (formerly), Aiya (formerly), Clyde, Emma, Tarrimae, Aye'Li, The Gaoma Family


Lei, Aiya, Puren, Moa, Hogosha

Chronological and political information

Zhu of the Society of Faces

  • The Metal Clan (formerly)
  • The Society of Faces

Lei (formerly) , Aiya (formerly)

First appearance

"The Escapade"

Zhu Milou Hu, born Milou Hu, is the leader of the Society of Faces, a fearsome group that worships Koh, the Face Stealer. Zhu also was the former trainer of Lei and Aiya, but now he hunts the twins and hopes to find them before the Lotus or his mysterious nemesis, Hogosha.


Escaping the Spirit WorldEdit

It is unknown how or why Milou was in the Spirit World, but it is true that he had been stuck there for many years. Milou wandered about the strange terrain looking for a way home, but could not find one. Eventually, Milou found Koh, the Face Stealer, and asked for help. Koh agreed to aid Milou in his quest home on two conditions: Milou would have to give Koh his face and bring the current Avatar to him. Milou agreed and was taken back to the Physical World.

183 AG Edit

After returning to his homeland, the Earth Republic, Milou began his search for a peaceful place to start over. One day, while traveling in the Si Wong Desert, Milou stumbled upon a cave leading into an ancient sanctuary. He began to rebuild this place and knew it would soon be the training grounds for the next generation of benders.

The Society of Faces Edit

Milou Hu started searching the world for benders with incredible abilities to recruit into his new order and eventually found four teachers that he thought were perfect. He then collected some more members to join and gave himself the title of Zhu and officially founded the Society of Faces.

The Society's first mission was to find Avatar Korra and take her to Koh so that Milou could finally pay off his debt with Koh. The Society was successful in finding Korra, but were quickly stopped by her friends, Mako, Bolin and Asami, before they could get to her. Clyde, Tarrimae, Aye'Li and Emma faced the three other benders while Milou found Korra and tried to transport her to the Spirit World, but managed to kill her instead.

Lei and Aiya Edit

Lei and Aiya were the newest apprentices of Zhu Milou. The two siblings made up the new Avatar, so Milou Hu planned on training them and getting them ready to go to the Spirit World so he could trick them into giving their faces to Koh, so that his enormous debt would be paid in full. Unfortunately, the twins managed to escape from the Sanctuary of the Society of Faces. Now Milou searches for them and hopes to find them before anyone else.


Milou is a bitter and sublime old man. He is often rude to those he doesn't like and will treat everyone unfairly, even his closest followers. Milou's horrid personality is one of the main reasons Lei and Aiya ran away.


Bending Edit

Milou, being a native of the Earth Kingdom/Republic, is able to Earthbend very easily and was taught how to do so all his life, but he usually prefers to Metalbend, because he used to live with the Metal Clan.

Metalbending Edit

Zhu Milou Hu is a powerful Metalbender and was well known for his skill before he disappeared into the Spirit World. Although it is one of his greatest abilities, Milou does not Metalbend as much as he used to because the Spirit World had messed with his mind and has caused him to lose focus.

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