By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
Zhu Li
Zhu Li
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United Republic

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Republic City

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Varrick (husband)

Zhu Li is a deeply loyal, calm woman who is the wife to Varrick. She was once Varrick's loyal assistant, willing to do whatever she was told, but recently she'd grown a bit more free, due to her new equal status with Varrick, unlike before.

Book Five: Memory

Zhu Li had begun to grow a bit more independent, and not as willing to do everything she's told. While normally that wasn't exactly good, it was mostly Varrick who let her have more time to herself instead towards him, especially when they found out she was pregnant. Since then, she began to do less things for Varrick, even telling him what to do on occasion.

During one of the many construction projects for Republic City's expansion, she and Wu had decided to go and visit Varrick soon after he'd finished working on his latest building construction. Varrick had some doubt over her visit, her being heavily pregnant at that point, yet, Zhu Li didn't see it as much of an issue for her to see how things were coming along. When Lin and Suyin asked about her, she admitted that, although things were going well, she was having trouble with her pregnancy, but Suyin assured her that it was just a part of the process. When she was told about Korra leaving to the Fire Nation, she went with Varrick in order to see them off.

Book Six: Shadow

As time went by, Zhu Li was still acting more independent than she used to. While resting in her home, she and Varrick were visited by Ziyou, who had a print for Varrick. Zhu Li was asked a few questions about her pregnancy, and admitted her troubles, but was still happy about her soon-to-be child.

While Team Avatar was away, Zhu Li went to have her child looked over and soon found out that she had twins coming up instead of just one child. She was seen with her husband, talking to Hotaru and Lin Beifong, to whom she revealed the news and how excited she was for their new family. However, soon after, she was found by Quixico, and Zhu Li tried to keep away from it. However, Zhu Li was moved out of the way before Quixico made its attack, scaring Zhu Li a bit as she saw Varrick getting blown down the road. Zhu Li soon went to Varrick's side before Quixico flew away.


While Zhu Li was once deeply loyal and willing do whatever she was told by who she saw as worthy, she began to act more and more equal to her friends, as she was starting to become a more free-willed woman. Although her loyalty hadn't changed too much, she had grown in terms of individuality, as she began to voice her own ideas and taking more charge than she used to be.

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