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Zhong is a Ba Sing Se University student, living in the middle ring. At a young age, he became friends with Cheng. The two had been able to trust each other very well, but when Cheng started to sneak around at night, Zhong got curious. When he confronted him, Cheng simply fed him some sort of lie, and Zhong only became more skeptical. He decides to investigate on his own to find out what is really going on.


Zhong is a very lazy, quite, and reserved person, but he is also smart. He just doesn't want to show that he is smart. He has the ability to look through people's lies and exaggerations, and figure out the truth with ease. Although he often tries to show that he does not care about anything, he will show compassion when it is absolutely needed, especially to his best friend Cheng.


Zhong is able to read through people's lies and exaggerations, and see the real truth. He is also able to do nothing, show no emotion at all, and act like he doesn't care without ever slipping, even when he really does care.

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