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Journey and Worries

Commander Zhito is a character in the story Reunion. He is a soldier in the Fire Nation Army. He also serves as an airship pilot.


Zhito was born in the Fire Nation Capital in 66 AG. His father had served under Fire Lord Azulon for 21 years prior to his birth. He met his wife seven years before his birth.

Zhito discovered his ability to Firebend when he was six years old and quickly was sent off to training. He trained under then-Admiral Jeong Jeong in a coastal town for several years, and quickly made his way towards Firebending mastery. By age fourteen, Jeong Jeong declared him a Firebending Master, and fit for war service.

He inevitably waited for his call to war, ready to serve his nation in its great march through civilization.

Off to War

At age 17, just before his 18th birthday, a message was given to Zhito. He received word that he was drafted to the Fire Nation Army and would begin training on his birthday. He was sent to military school where he learned the basic disciplines of military and trained under General Qin. About a year later, Zhito earned his chance to be in battle.

His first battle took place at a small village in the Northern Earth Kingdom, in 85 AG. He was joined by a small force. The battle against the unprepared villagers was short, and his division took the village rather easily.

For fourteen years, Zhito served many purposes. He served as a defender against possible revolts within the colonies for the most part, however, this began to change. Generals and commanders alike praised Zhito's work, calling him a strong leader and quick to keep people from trying anything funny.


Zhito began to climb through the ranks, and earned the title of "Commander" in 97 AG. With this title, he was moved from his colony duties and began to lead larger forces in larger battles. In 100 AG, he led a division of 75 forces in the Fire Nation's raid of Omashu. He became part of the Fire Nation Army's biggest victory to date as Omashu fell.

Zhito was then called to lead another division when the Fire Nation invaded Ba Sing Se following Princess Azula's coup. They easily took the Earth Kingdom Capital, giving Zhito a high honor. After the Capital fell, he was called back to the Fire Nation, as they needed him for a special mission.


Day of Black Sun

When plans of the Invasion of the Fire Nation leaked back to the Capital, the Generals decided to craft their defense plan. Their defense plan including the crafting of airships, based off the designs of War Balloons. Commander Zhito was asked to lead one of these airships, which would fly when the Solar Eclipse ended. As a master Firebender, General Bujing told Zhito that he could be trusted to also be a secondary defense while leading these forces.

On 1 August 100 AG, the Invasion of the Fire Nation took place. After the Solar Eclipse ceased, Zhito took one of the airships to the air to take out the invading forces. Zhito had no problem, as defensive attacks on the ships from Avatar Aang and Katara both were away from his airship.

After moving on past the forces, Zhito took his airship along with the others. He helped dropped a series of bombs, which eliminated all the submarines. After the defense was complete, with the Capital held, Zhito returned to the Capital. He was honored by Fire Lord Ozai for his master piloting.

Several weeks passed as Zhito awaited his next assignment. He continued to lead several interior soldiers against any further revolts. When Ozai decided to put his plan to burn down the Earth Kingdom into action, Zhito was called on to do his next piloting mission.

Sozin's Comet

Zhito was proud to serve his country, but was unsure about the mission of burning down the Earth Kingdom. Nevertheless, at risk of becoming a traitor, he took to the skies once more, leading a ship as Fire Lord Ozai was set to lead the destruction. However, before that could happen, Ozai's airship was destroyed by Avatar Aang.

Meanwhile, Zhito ran into problems of his own. He received word that the airship fleet was being attacked. Suddenly, the next thing he knew, his ship's top had been hit by the hijacked ship, causing it to drop out of the sky. He abandoned the ship and fell into the ocean, joining several crew members and other pilots. He survived and swam to shore. As he was doing this, he had to dodge the destruction of other airships while watching various bending fly during the battle between Aang and Ozai. As Zhito made it to solid ground, he noticed the lights of the energybending attack, then moments later, saw Ozai fall.

After the battle, he saw one of the airships, the Feng, land and was puzzled as to how it survived. He saw Sokka, Suki, and Toph praise Aang and saw that Ozai was defeated. After seeing that they needed a way to the Capital, Zhito submitted to them, offering to take them back there on the Feng. He had recognized that, at least there, the Fire Nation was defeated. He did not participate in the resistance by crew members, even though Sozin's Comet was holding up in the atmosphere and his bending was still enhanced.

He took control of the wheel and led the way for Team Avatar back to the Capital, as the Comet departed.

Returning to the Capital

The Commander showed the effects losing the war had on him quite clearly, as he became more humbled on the flight back with the victorious Team Avatar in tow. However, he still found time to reflect on the experiences and even complimented the gang on how well they had advanced through their experiences.

On the last day of the flight, a storm was encountered, causing Zhito to step up his piloting. This was his first major test as a pilot. He dealt with the rocking of the ship, keeping it on course as hard as he could. Eventually, Zhito was able to bring the ship through the storm after a few hours, keeping it on course to the Capital.

He landed the ship safely and smoothly, allowing Team Avatar to re-unite.

A week later, Zhito was praised by newly-crowned Fire Lord Zuko in his inaugural speech for his piloting abilities. When orders were made for a personal airship for the Fire Lord, Zhito was appointed as pilot. He would still continue to serve officially in the Fire Nation Army, but would only use his battle abilities if needed, now that he was Zuko's personal pilot.


Zhito started out as a typical kid, with fun at heart. He liked to goof off, much to Jeong Jeong's dismay when he was undergoing training. However, as he entered his adolescent years, Zhtio bore down and became more serious about his training, molding himself into someone would become a soldier.

As he neared his drafting, Zhito was described as a teenager with the heart of an army veteran.

Through his time in the Army, Zhito began to understand the consequences of war. This made him more humbled over time. However, he was a patriotic soldier fighting with a heavy fire in his heart. Zhito was described as someone who always fought battles to their conclusion, not stopping because of cockiness or because of near-defeat. This was part of the reason why he was promoted to Commander.

However, when the war ended, Zhito became more similar to Iroh. He quickly showed signs of being humble in defeat, when he congratulated Team Avatar and praised them for their newfound ability to endure and understand the circumstances of war.

With the war over, Zhito has become more settled down with his life, now that he serves mostly as a personal pilot.

He tries to be more of a helpful person when not in war. With the war over, Zhito is showing this side of him more. He would help the occasional soldier with Firebending, or setting up a camp. At home, he helped people understand what war was like.


Zhito is a Firebending master, who had learned under then-Admiral Jeong Jeong. He has the ability to do many things, while being able to remained discipline, which he mastered under the Admiral.

He has the capability to create major blasts of fire, including a rapid series of fireballs. This made him difficult to battle against. He could also create fire whips, allowing him to beat multiple soldiers in battle.

Zhito used his Firebending less often when he became a pilot, but still used it occasionally when he was on the ground, stopping resistance forces. However, his Firebending remained up to skill, and, as mentioned earlier he also even taught a few passersby who he would see struggling.

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