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Zhin Tsu is the Great Sage of the Fire Nation temple located in the capital city of the Fire Nation. He is known by many as one of the strongest Firebenders alive and is extremely long lived. He is wise and not senile for his age and incredibly perceptive, however he's usually very tired and has low stamina. He's usually seen giving advice to others and teaching them about life, he is an abed Pai Sho player and used to play with Takeo daily. He is very close to the Fire Lord and has known many fathers or grandfathers of the friends he has today. Unlike many Firebenders however, he is not hot headed or angry. He has learned the true source of Firebending and passed it on to Takeo, he is considered one of the few capable of generating lightning.

Many years prior to the revealing of the new Avatar, he was the head advisor to the Fire Lord and many years after that, he trained the Fire Lords son, the current Fire Lord, in the art of Firebending. It is said that he's the only person who can match the Fire Lord in bending prowess. He is greatly respected and feared by nearly everyone in the Fire Nation. However, despite his great abilities he acts more like a monk then anything, constantly meditating, reading and relaxing. He's very calm and very kind to everyone, he's incredibly gentle, but by no means does he allow people to walk over him.


He was born in the Fire Nation Over a century ago to a Fire Nation admiral. Known by many as a very cruel man, he would constantly leave to battles leaving Zhin Tsu and his mother alone. At some point in his teenager years, his father never came back from a journey and had presumably died in a battle against pirates. After this, Zhin Tsu set off to travel the world to look for his father and after twenty years of searching he didn't find anything. However, during these years he mastered Firebending and lightning bending, earning himself a renowned title of a master. Having seen much killing, death and loss in his travels he took on a pacifistic way of life from watching the monks and later when he returned to the Fire Nation, he joined the temple to help it grow. During his years in the temple, he was greatly respected for his knowledge of the outside world and for his abilities in Firebending, it was because of that respect that he quickly rose to the highest rank in the temple, becoming a very trusted servant of the Fire Lord. Years later, he trained the still teenager Fire Lord Sento in Firebending and claimed that the boy surpassed him by a landslide in a couple of years.

After that, he had remained a loyal servant of the Fire Nation and resumed his role in the temple as the Great Sage, the leader of the whole order. Somewhere around 550 BG he took the still infant Avatar Takeo, into the temple and began training and teaching him. Though he had always known about Takeo's true nature, he was sworn to secrecy, to not tell the boy until he reaches the age of seventeen. Things took a turn for the worst however, when the Fire Nation was attacked by the Earth Kingdom, seeing no other choice, Zhin Tsu told Takeo about his past and who he was on his sixteenth birthday, opting the boy to travel and master the three remaining elements to preserve peace. He was very close to Takeo and to the previous Avatar as well.


Zhin Tsu is very calm, collected and thoughtful. He can usually be found meditating alone or reading a scroll, if not he's most likely giving advice to his younger pupils. He's very friendly and welcoming; he can make anyone feel at home and because of that he is in charge of teaching the younger students. He is very kind and forgiven, he's not one to hold a grudge or be strict to his students. He enjoys a good joke, but only when it's in good fun and not too drastic. He's very smart, despite being so old, he's not senile at all and often gives advice even to the Fire Lord. He has seen a lot of the world and posses great knowledge regarding it and even the spiritual aspect of the world. Also he can get every angry with someone, but he isn't a person to hold a grudge or stay angry for long. His friendliness and warmth earned him a great amount of respect. He's very spiritual, heavily similar to the Air Nomad monks, he's very calm, always meditating and spiritual. He believes that life is sacred and it would take a great amount or risk to make him kill someone. He's very gentle; his aura all by itself is very gentle that it makes people feel safe around him. He loves animals and all forms of life in general. He's very strategic, always seen playing Pai Sho and drinking tea while meditating. Although not much of it is known, Zhin Tsu was a very close friend to the previous Avatar and is very close to the current Avatar Takeo.



Zhin Tsu is one of the few to know the true secret to Firebending and therefore he doesn't bend from rage or anger. Despite his gentle spirit and calm attitude, Zhin Tsu has no problem with defending others or what he believes in. Zhin Tsu is probably one of the strongest benders alive. He was the former Master of the current Fire Lord and can create such powerful flames that they can melt metal in seconds. But, due to his age his agility has heavily weakened and because of that he has a hard time fighting young opponents. Technique and power wise however, there are few that can defeat Zhin Tsu. He can create large fireballs and powerful intense streams of flames. He's one of the few benders in the world capable of generating lightning.

Other abilities

Zhin Tsu is apparently one of the best Pai Sho players in the Fire Nation and an incredibly strategist. He knows a great deal about the worlds wild life and fauna and is a master of tea making.


  • Zhin Tsu is the oldest character in the series
  • Zhin Tsu is connected to both the previous Avatar and the current one

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