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Zhian is a character in Avatar: Guardian.

Early Life

Zhian was born to a Fire Nation family in the later stages of the War. His father was an injured soldier who could no longer fight, and his mother wanted for him to prove himself a distinguished war hero. This, coupled with peer pressure from his friends, pushed him to join the Fire Nation Navy when he turned 16.

Zhian found his Military life easy, from the little action he ended up seeing due to the laid back captain he had. Finally, his moment to shine came, when his ship was attacked by Waterbenders. He fought off many of the Waterbenders single-handedly during a full moon, though the Captain of the ship was killed during the raid. Zhian took command, ordering that the ship be steered back towards Fire Nation territory. When he arrived, he was praised as a War hero by Fire Lord Ozai. He was sent to attack the Earth Kingdom, where he remained until the end of the War. He thought his career was going to continue, until Aang defeated Ozai.

After The War

Zhain's entire unit was disbanded by Fire Lord Zuko. His chances at gaining military fame were crushed in that one moment. He returned from the Earth Kingdom, bitter and with his way of life in ruins. He encountered Jiang Rha, who promised him his old life back. Zhian was happy to accept. He was in charge of several routine missions, from organizing the liberation of Ozai, to interrogating Zhentu about information regarding the Avatar and the Fire Lord.

Fire bomb

Zhian kills Zifu after their Agni Kai.

He was eventually stationed at Taku, given the task of ensuring that the troops were moved back onto the ships for another mission. He encounters a Captain, Zifu. The two Warriors are at odds from the beginning of their encounter, with Zifu's violent demeanor clashing with Zhian's relaxed, calm aura. Jiang Rha suggests that the two fight an Agni Kai, and the two begin their duel at sundown. After a duel in which Zhian clearly dominates his older opponent, Zhian strikes the final blow, sending a powerful ball of fire into the Captain's face.

Infiltrating Iroh's ship

Eventually, Jiang gave Zhian a specific mission: organize the death of Iroh. Zhian came up with the idea of sinking a ship that he was on. The entire organization waited and eventually, Iroh was on a ship that Zhian had infiltrated. While on the ship, he distracts Iroh by loosing against him in Pai Sho before leaving to sabotage the ship. He uses his Firebending to melt the escape boats to the hull of the ship before taking the final one off of the boat. Zhian watches from a distance as Jiang's ship sinks Iroh's.

Murder of Azula

After his successful mission that lead to the murder of Iroh, Jiang brought Zhian to be one of the Phoenix Warriors that were to be at Azula's mental asylum so she couldn't escape. After Jiang Rha scares off Azula and Ursa into trying to run out of the asylum, Zhian was waiting for them at the exit of the atrium, blocking their exit. Azula challenges him to an Agni Kai, and Zhian silently responds with a large fire blast. The two duel for a lengthy period, with Zhian outmatching the former prodigy and eventually killing her. He searches for Ursa, who managed to get past him during his duel with Azula. She is captured by Jiang Rha, who congratulates him on a job well done. He is shown to be clearly exhausted after his duel, as he collapses on his bed when he is permitted to rest.

Planning an Invasion

After he relaxes from his duel with Azula, he is summoned before Jiang Rha. He accepts, entering the room aloofly. He is ordered to attend a meeting an hour later. While sitting through the meeting, he listens to the goal of the meeting: to come up with an idea to attack the Avatar and his friends. After an officer speaks of his encounter with a young Water Tribe Warrior, Zhian formulates a plan. He speaks of Kyoshi's defenseless status; an island secluded from any guards. The group decides to take out Kyoshi to take revenge on both the Water Tribe Warrior and the Avatar at once. The group likes his idea, so Zhian is summoned to consult with Jiang Rha for a different idea, so he enters Jiang's room. The two speak about an invasion plan, which Zhian is asked to lead. After accepting, Zhian leaves Jiang alone.

Attacking Kyoshi

"This will crush the spirits of the land's inhabitants as well as the Avatar's friend. Now, end this island in fire!" - Zhian before the Invasion of Kyoshi.

Zhian prepares to attack Kyoshi, ordering his men to cause as much collateral damage as possible. As his men charge the island, he calmly walk onto the island. Zhian eventually encounters the Avatar and the Fire Lord, preparing to kill the Fire Lord. He feigns respect, bowing in sarcasm and attacking the ruler. Zhian tells the Fire Lord that he was the one who killed Azula and Iroh, further agitating his foe. Zhian eventually defeats Zuko after a failed lightning blast, before leaving his enemy to battle somewhere else.

Eventually, Zhian encounters the Avatar, who was dueling against several of Warriors. After taunting him and burning a statue of Kyoshi, the Earth Kingdom Avatar emerges from within the young boy. After her emergence, Zhian orders a retreat while he holds the Avatar off. She defeats Zhian handily, blowing him off the island and back onto his ship. She sends his ships, giving the Phoenix Warriors a head start to escape.

In his room, Zhian is confronted by Jiang Rha, who asks him about his mission. After explaining his defeat, he ensures the Admiral that he has damaged enough of the island to allow for a safe escape.

Taking the Capital


Zhian begins his violent attack against the Military.

Zhian is one of the main leaders of the Invasion of the Fire Nation, leading the Phoenix Warriors to take out many battlements. The colonel destroys several of the buildings himself before moving on to more soldiers. He watches as Jiang Rha duels Jeong Jeong in an Agni Kai, waiting for the end. After Jeong Jeong's death, Zhian takes out his second-in-command and ensures that the remaining soldiers will not rebel.

The Phoenix Ruler

Today, I take control. And you won't stop me. - Zhian to Jiang Rha after taking control of the Phoenix Warriors.

As Jiang says his final goodbyes to his one-time friend, Zhian attacks. He wounds the Admiral, forcibly taking command of the Phoenix Warriors. He spends the next few days cementing his control of the Phoenix Warriors and assuring that the Capital was under Phoenix Warriors' control. After he was sure, he entered the Fire Nation Royal Palace, admiring its halls before entering the throne room. After staying in the room for an hour, Jiang Rha enters and tries to seize control of the Phoenix Warriors back from the Colonel. Zhian calmly disregards the Admiral's threats before Rha attacks. Jiang blocks the blast, eventually depleting Jiang's already low energy supply. After the Admiral collapses, Zhian pulls him out of the room, throwing him against the wall near the entrance to the throne room and telling him to "learn your place."

The next day, Zhian is walking through the palace halls, and stops to admire the Portrait gallery. After promising to "triumph" where the previous Fire Lords have "failed." A messenger approaches, tells him that the Avatar and the Fire Lord are nearby, and asks for orders. Jiang Rha arrives to suggest a course of action, but Zhian gives differing orders. He then orders that Jiang follow him to the courtyard, saying that the two "have work to do."

Palace Agni Kai

"You are a pompous and illegitimate ruler, and today, I will put you in your place! I challenge you to an Agni Kai!" - Zhian to Zuko before their Agni Kai. The pair wait in the Courtyard of the royal palace until Zuko and his friends arrive. Upon his arrival, Zhian challenges Zuko to an Agni Kai, which Zuko accepts. The two begin dueling, each launching large jets of fire at each other. During the duel, the Firebenders debate Zuko's qualifications as Fire Lord, while Zhian defends his right to rule. The blasts blind the spectators, who all shield their eyes from the raging infernos. As the two continue their duel, Zuko reveals that he is descended from Avatar Roku, and that he is determined to win. The duel rages on, with the two using their fire creatively and explosively. Eventually, Zhian knocks Zuko into a pillar, knocking him out and allowing Zhian to claim victory.

Zuko falls

Zhian after being defeated by Fire Lord Zuko.

After his supposed victory, Zhian confronted Team Avatar, who were going to move in to defeat him. After holding them off briefly, he is defeated by the combined force of the Avatar and his friends. As Zhian contemplates his next move, Zuko arrives, having woken up. The two begin another duel, with Zuko eventually tripping the Phoenix Warrior. Zhian is shocked, but he eventually is blasted onto the ground, dead.


"I didn't mumble. I meant it. Your men were captured because you are not a good leader, not for any other reason. You should accept it." - Zhian to Captain Zifu in Penalties.

Zhian is a calm and brilliant tactician. His plans always end up serving him well, as long as they work right. Zhian's personality changes depending on the job that needs to be done. When he was trying to keep Iroh entertained, he had a light, jovial personality; the kind that would get Iroh's Pai Sho spirit hungering for more games. After he leaves, he takes on a much more cool and calculating personality, something that manages to easily manipulate the worker in the ship's flag room.

What lies beneath is a power-hungry soldier who is anxious to rise in the ranks. As soon as the Fire Nation capital is within the Phoenix Warriors' control, Zhian moves to take the power for himself. His arrogance blinds him to possible threats, making him highly susceptible to defeat by someone who is more powerful than him, evidenced by his quick defeat at the hands of Avatar Kyoshi.


Zuko dodges

Zhian Firebending during his duel with Azula.


Zhian is a powerful Firebender, able to both defeat Princess Azula and destroy a battlement. He manages to use his Firebending to heat up metal to the point of melting. During his military service, he managed to defeat several Waterbenders at once during a full moon, a testament to his skill. During his Agni Kai with Zifu, he displays prolonged endurance, as well as merging several fire arcs into a condensed fire ball. He uses large fire balls frequently in the duel, as well as a powerful finishing move that ended the Captain's life.

As the Phoenix Warriors continue their quest to take control of the Fire Nation, Zhian becomes a powerful asset, leading the attack on Kyoshi Island and helping ensure that the Fire Nation capital was conquered successfully. After seizing control of the Fire Nation and Phoenix Warriors from Jiang Rha, he defeats the Admiral several times during his attempted uprisings. He is shown to be able to create powerful fire walls, along with massive fire blasts, shown during his Agni Kai with Zuko for the throne.

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