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Author's Note: this is from a fanfiction tale by Karis Rogers. Zhi Yuan and the Avatar's Origins is copyright. No content may be used by anyone for other stories. Zhi Yuan and her tale is not mentioned in Avater: The Last Airbender or in any other offcial Avatar storyline.

Creation of the Avatar

After humans began to learn bending, the Spirits decided a representation of the universe should be created to maintain balance and keep mortals under control. Five spirits: Nala, Cha, Fui, Sunan, and Muana each gave this Avatar a special gift. Nala gave waterbending, Sunan gave firebending, Cha gave earthbending, Fui gave airbending. The last spirit, Muana gave herself, so that the Avatar would have imortality.

Zhi Yuan's early life

At this point, each set of benders had its own spiritual leaders. Every year they would meet at the North Pole to converse with the spirits. On the fiftieth anniversary of these meetings, the Spirits presented the humans with Zhi Yuan (not as a baby, but fully physically mature) to the humans and told them she was not their ruler, but a guide and a gift. No longer would the spirits hold council with mortals, but the Avatar was the great bridge between the two worlds. The place where the meetings used to be held is now known as the Spirit Oasis, but no one knows its origins.

Zhi Yuan's powers

Zhi Yuan was "born" as a full master in all the bending disciplines, as well as energy bending, because she was a partial spirit being. Because she was imortal, she never aged. As she was trained by the spirits, she had a greater knowledge of technique, and introduced many things to the bending world, such as how to produce lightning to the firebenders and air gliding to the Air Nomads. Also, Zhi Yuan was able to give bending abilities as well as remove them; though she only did at three known times. The first was to her friend Wao Bei-Fong, to whom she gave the knowledge of metal bending. Since then, all of Wao's earthbender descendants have had the ability to metalbend, but the technique was lost until its rediscovery by Toph Bei-Fong, who is not only a direct descendant, but the 47th life of Wao Bei-Fong.

Zhi Yuan and Tow Ze

Zhi Yuan fell in love with firebender Tow Ze when she was about 150 years old (she had not aged physically). When she found out she could not marry because of her imortality, she spoke to the spirits. They allowed her to give up imortality, but didn't want her to be completely out of control. Together, they developed the system of Avatar renicarnation, each time into a different nation. Because Zhi didn't want to be the one who be the avatr for the rest off time, she gifted her Avatar powers to her husband, Tow Ze, at her death. At the spirit's insistence, she is able to choose who she will be in her next life. She always puts herself in the direct path of the Avatar, or in the path of one who will be beneficial to the Avatar's life. Her past three lives are: Pema, Tenzin's wife; Ursa, Fire Lord Ozai's wife and Zuko's mother; and Ta Min, Wife of Avatar Roku. She could choose to be a bender, but for unknown reasons, usually is not.

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