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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legend of Rokan.

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Zhensu joined the Fire Nation military at the age of eighteen. After serving in the ranks of the Komodo-Rhino Cavalry in the southern Earth Kingdom for six years, he received permission to leave his position. He returned to the Fire Nation where he lived for three years, settling down and raising a family. However, Zhensu's passion for excitement and love of warfare drove him to train as an assassin. In summer of 99 A.S.C., he was sent to the eastern Earth Kingdom with an elite group of assassins, forced to leave his wife and two small children behind.

In 100 A.S.C., Fire Lord Ozai became aware of a new threat to the Fire Nation's progression in the war. This threat was Rokan. Not wishing for his war to be hindered, Ozai brought the elite assassins back to the Fire Nation and ordered them to lie in wait for Rokan. Much to Zhensu's dismay, Ozai did not allow the assassins to return to their homes at all, and Zhensu had to remain apart from his family for even longer.

Upon finding Rokan, Zhensu was horrified that the Fire Lord wished to kill a citizen of his own nation. Mercifully, he held back and did not kill Rokan. When he heard of Zhensu's treason, Ozai's anger was insurmountable. The Fire Lord imprisoned Zhensu's family, but lied to Zhensu, telling him that they were dead by Rokan's hand. Almost driven to the point of madness, Zhensu vowed to destroy Rokan.


Though trained as an assassin, Zhensu is not of cruel demeanor. His love for his wife and children is incalculable, and he is loyal to his friends from the military. However, when Ozai's despicable lies reach his ears, Zhensu's character is weakened and he falls to evil ways.

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