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Combustion Man
Zheng (Combustion Man)
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60 AG


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7 ft. 2 in.

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Firebending (Combustion)

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Zheng was a firebending assassin and one of the key members of the Black Lotus Assassins. Like the other key members he had mastered a unique style of his bending element. Combustion.



Zheng was born into poverty, his parents struggled to keep him fed most of his early years. In order to provide for them his father borrowed money from a local crime boss. When the time came to repay the money Zheng's father didn't have enough, so they took Zheng away from them as collateral. For the next ten years Zheng was treated little better than a slave, however over the course of those years Zheng became strong and ruthless.


When Zheng became 12 he had developed his signature style of Combustion. Using this he literally blasted his way out of the crime bosses lair, killing anyone who stood in his way. Once he had escaped he tried to find his family again, only to discover they appeared to have forgotten him. Heartbroken, Zheng left to travel the Fire Nation by himself. Along his travels he tattooed his forehead with his signature "Third Eye".

Recruitment into the Black Lotus

During Zheng's 20 years on the road he had become something of a myth for his quick Agni Kais, in name only. His skills eventually reached the ears of an international group of assassins known as the Black Lotus Assassins. Zheng was approached by a middle aged earthbender named Des who offered him a chance at recruitment. Zheng gave no reply aside from a look of contempt and began to walk away. Before he could take his first step however Des told him that refusal meant certain death. Zheng responded violently to this and attempted to blow Des to pieces, only to have himself buried under a large pile of sand.

When Zheng came to he was in an arena with another possible candidate. An elderly man, around 82 or so, told them to fight to the death and the winner would have the honor of joining them. Zheng quickly killed his opponent,leaving the old man pleased that the rumors about him were true. Zheng had no doubt that these men could kill him as easily as he killed his enemies, so he decided to join them to save his own skin.

Recruiting Lian

After a few years of working alone Zheng was approached by Des who told him that Lu Ming wished to see both of them. Lu Ming told the two of them about a young girl in the Northern Water Tribe who'd defeated one of their brethren. Zheng was expecting Lu Ming to order him and Des to go kill this girl, but instead they were told to bring her into the group.

When they found her in the Northern Water Tribe, she was protected by a body guard. Once he discovered who Zheng and Des were. he attempted to fight them off. Zheng promptly blew the man to pieces. It didn't take much more persuasion after that and Lian joined the Black Lotus Assassins

Recruiting Nero

Zheng was later requested to assist Des and the young Lian in recruiting a very powerful firebender. While searching Des told Zheng all about their target. The boy, Nero, appeared to have come from a situation similar to his own, Zheng understood why Lu Ming had asked him to accompany Des and Lian. Common Ground Zheng figured. When they found Nero, Zheng was not impressed. He could hardly believe this little street punk, who was barely half his size had managed to not only gain the attention of The Black Lotus Assassins, but had managed to do any thing Des said he had. Zheng said nothing to the kid as Des lectured on and on about how Nero's life would change. It was all he could do not to burst into laughter when he heard Lian call them One big Happy Family.

The boy turned to him when the others were done no doubt expecting some speech about how becoming part of this group had changed his life. Zheng said nothing to him and the kid nodded, after about five minutes he said he'd join.

Hunting the Avatar

For the canonical information about this hunt, go to Combustion Man

After his Death

Due to his death three years prior Zheng is not seen during Nero's hunt. He is however mentioned a few times.

Nero's Hunt

Zuko Reveals his Name

Zuko makes a brief reference to Zheng while discussing the assassin Nero.

Nero Remembers Blowing Zheng's Arm and Leg Off

Nero had somehow caused Zheng to blow off his arm and leg, giving him his signature metal limbs.

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