By Natsu11 Part of the AvataRPG continuity.
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Fire Nation

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Fire Nation


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Firebending, dual swordsmanship


Avatar Kyoshi, Li

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Zhen was a master firebender and a swordsmaster, who was an ally of Avatar Kyoshi in her days. While journeying around the world with his trusted and faithful companion and friend, Li, a puma goat he rescued back in Fire Nation, he often happened to meet the Avatar's team, with Zhen often ending up helping them.


As a child, Zhen was orphaned when his parents were killed, reasons unknown to him, as he was too young to understand what had happened. Homeless and without any guardian, he roamed the streets of North Chung-Ling, the city where he had lived from his birth, begging for food, and only managed to get enough food to survive. Around this time, he found Li, and they bonded quickly, becoming best of friends for years to come. As soon as he became old enough, he eventually became tired of North Chung-Ling, and started going to other cities in the Fire Nation, along with Li. During one of his travels, he reached the city of the Sun Warriors, learning the true form of firebending, Dancing Dragon, by meeting the ancient dragons. He eventually reached Shu Jing, and liking its peace and quietness, he made a small cottage and started working in a weapons shop nearby. He stayed in Shu Jing for about five years, when the urge to travel around the world took birth in him, and he started making plans to leave for such a journey.


A serious and brooding individual, due to being left to fend for himself as a child, and growing up in the harsh streets of North Chung-Ling, he became very focused. Hardened by the street life, he generally took some time to trust people fully, and befriend them. However, he does like peace and quietness, or "the cool stuff" in his words, preferring that over aggression and fights, or in his words, "all the heated up stuff". Despite being serious and taking time to befriend people, he is kind and helpful, often helping numerous people.

Powers and abilities

Even though he dislikes fights, he doesn't hesitate to counterattack when attacked by someone. He is courageous, and fearless when attacking using firebending, and sometimes, Dual Dao Swords. He is formidable opponent with just firebending, with it being almost on par with an Avatar's firebending, that is not enhanced by Avatar State. He is also skilled in the "way of the sword", and his imagination and agility, along with his experience in sword duels, help very much in it.


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