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Zhao of the Water Tribe
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Imagine, if you will, that Zhao did not meet a semi-ambiguous end with the conclusion of the Siege of the North, that the Ocean Spirit chose instead to spare his life and give him a second chance. That's basically what Water Tribe is about - the Northern Water Tribe takes in Zhao, if begrudgingly, who has no memory of his past life and (mis)deeds as well as no Firebending, but this ruse does not last and Zhao is none too pleased about being lied to.

rufftoon is the artist, but the comic is located here, on Zhao's very own fan/love/hate club.


This story takes place three years after the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It begins with Zhao Zhaoka being brought along on a seal hunt and follows him as he goes about another day in the Water Tribe. It is revealed that Zhaoka has been a fairly productive member of the society, becoming a skilled weaponsmith amongst other achievements, but he can't help notice the wary looks of suspicion from the other members. Eventually, Zhaoka begins seeing familiar sights and sounds as fragments of his memory beckon to him; while it is forbidden for the tribe to discuss his past, Zhaoka pieces together the clues about his old identity such as his eye and skin color. He presses the issue to the chiefdom and other respected tribesmen and is tasked with hunting a molebear, a rite of passage of sorts that proves a tribesman's worth. Should he succeed, the chief will tell him everything. Should he fail, well, Zhao hates failing. He hates the cold too. And you, probably.

And so begins the story of a man who was given a second chance.

Major Characters

  • Zhao - the amnesiac and former Fire Nation admiral, he still has a short temper but makes up for it with sheer tenacity and determination, on the job he makes weapons and clubs baby turtle seals while in his free time he plans conquest, so it's basically the same old Zhao minus Firebending and seething rage... oh wait, he still has the rage from time to time
  • Horuk - found Zhao after the siege, has become a wary mentor, companion, and watchman
  • Nauja - Horuk's daughter, the "only woman in the tribe who can give Zhao what he wants"... socks, and other clothes
  • Chief Arnook - after contemplation he decided to spare Zhao, citing that the spirits must want him alive for a reason

Differences from Canon

Zhao lives, obviously. The story was written well before the end of the original series. Although it appears fairly plausible at first, the differences become apparent further into the story but serve as little detriment and are ultimately fairly minor as far as the scope of the work is concerned, which is Zhao surviving his encounter with the ocean to continue his rage at the world.

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