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Zhao The Invincible
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Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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12 September 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Zuko sent a message back to Aang with Hawky :

Dear Aang,

We will meet (by we I mean everybody you mentioned) in three days.


Fire Lord Zuko.

Iroh went home, he sat on a rug, legged, he closed his eyes, and started saying Whita Jinga Zanta Limba Lai Laitussa Jinga Zanta in a quite voice. Suddenly, many invisible energy lines went fast through the earth, reaching every Order of the White Lotus member's place, and every member sat alone and repeated the same words Iroh did. When everyone was connected, Iroh said : " Jimg, a conflict is happening near you, you have been warned"

Jimg at Gaoling could here Iroh, because of the fast energy lines, he said : "New ZeaZhao, I know it. I will wait till he reaches me"

Jeong Jeong : "He was my student, he is very impatient"

Iroh : "Jimg, help the Avatar when he arrives back"

Jimg : "Okay leader, I will"

Iroh : "May I leave now ?"

Everybody else : "Yes, grand lotus"

Iroh left the conversation.

Jeong Jeong : "Jimg, be careful with Zhao, he is not of the kind that can be argued with"

Jimg : "I understand, count on me"

Zuko : "Okay" then he paused, and continued : "I will go away now, I will think about inventions" and he thought Stupid King, at least he will help me end Zhao. Zuko went away and started wandering in the city, while his driver was asleep.

Chapter 10 : Zhao The Invincible

Zuko walked in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se, reaching his uncle's tea shop.

Iroh : "Firelord Zuko!"

Zuko : "Hey uncle, just call me Zuko"

Iroh : "Welcome again! I'm glad to see you"

Zuko : "May I have a cup of Jasmine Tea please ?"

Iroh yelled "Make the best Jasmine tea for the Firelord, Ju Yan! Make it perfect!"

Zuko laughed and sat with Iroh.

Iroh : "Any news Zuko ?"

Zuko : "Yes I'm afraid"

Iroh : "What? Why? Who?"

Zuko : "Didn't you hear ?"

Iroh : "Well the tradition here is not to talk about any war"

Zuko : "Oh..."

Tea shop worker : "Jasmine Tea ready for the Firelord!"

Zuko : "Thank you" he paused, and continued after the worker went away "Zhao escaped prison, conquered a village in the Southern Earth Kingdom, I attacked him, he made much damage to me and Aang"

Iroh : "Oh no!"

Zuko : "Anyway, I have a meeting tomorrow, so I better head to the Fire Nation Capital right now. See you later!"

Iroh : "Go Firelord Zuko!"

Zuko went back to the palace, his driver had woke up already, he took him to the airbase after saying goodbye to the Earth King and reminding him about the meeting.

In the meantime, Old Glory Gang had a meeting.

Jong Kong : "So we are going to get our airships in the south of that town, our earthbenders in the north, me and you and Roy Dest and Hiku and Fu Gan and ten guards in the east, and the rest in the west ?"

Zhao : "Exactly, In that way, we can conquer the city and have bigger territory, not just a little town"

Roy Dest : "I am sooooo gonna love it!"

Hiku : "Amazing this plan is"

Fu Gan : "Not Exceptional! They have very skilled earthbenders and big ships which can knock our airships down!"

Zhao : "Cool. Stay cool. A group of five earthbenders will cover the south as well, and for the skilled earthbenders you talked about, we have many of them too"

Jong Kong : "I agree"

Fu Gan : "Well, that looks exceptional, but we have to spread there after we get the leadership. Who knows what rebels can happen"

Zhao : "Right. We have to keep the people cool"

Roy Dest : "And after that happens, news will spread around to make the Avatar come back, then we can capture him"

Zhao : "Let's keep that for later! Meeting ended!"

Zuko asked his driver to go east to the Fire Nation.

Driver : "But my lord, nobody knows how can the weather be!"

Zuko : "I commanded you to fly east! Do you want to die ?"

Driver : "Well that's one more reason why not to fly east, I don't want us to die!"

Zuko : "Fine! Go west!"

Aang spent time with his family and friends at the South Pole, while Zhao ordered at New ZeaZhao "We will attack now!"

Jong Kong : "But we can't!"

Zhao : "What did I hear right now ?"

Jong Kong : "Nothing.."

Zhao : "Don't you ever say we can't, don't you ever mess up with me"

Zhao led his forces to Gaoling, putting them in the positions he planned for. Zhao was on the east side of Gaoling, and yelled "Show your leader! Or surrender!"

Then earthbender soldiers showed up and ran towards Zhao, soon realizing that the airships were belonging to him, so they sent a part of themselves to shoot at the airship and protect the ships.

Zhao : "Well, well, well. Looks like you don't know who are you working with. I am Zhao, leader of the mighty Old Glory Gang, I could defeat the Avatar, so you are gonna be my dinner tonight." he paused, smiled, and yelled "Earthbenders, attack!"

Earthbenders on the northern mountains started shooting rocks down at the city, especially on the Gaoling earthbenders who attacked Zhao. Jimg, a clever resident of Gaoling who was a member of the Order of the White Lotus, advised as many Gaoling earthbenders as he could to attack the leader. So out of many earthbenders who re-attacked the OGG earthbenders, twenty earthbenders knocked Zhao's guards down. With him still smiling, Zhao teamed up with Hiku to fire bombs at the earthbenders, knocking ten and ten left, they could strike Hiku back. Fu Gan intervened and dueled with a man, striking him on the floor.

Jong Kong started firing with his father, while airships had a problem. Ships started shooting at the airships, but near OGG earthbenders blocked the attacks, but a fair amount of rocks could pass and knock down one airship, the other one started firing back and with the other earthbenders, they captured one ship. Another ship captured the damaged airships and its drivers, the OGG earthbenders located in the north were outnumbered, but due to their tactical prowess and quick thinking, they could break to the town with as few losses as possible. Other OGG members were protesting and surrounding the west side of the village, strong enough not to let anyone pass, some of them were earthbenders.

The leader of the Gaoling forces, as advised by Jimg, surrendered. Everyone was shocked by the decision, but Jimg said to the leader "Don't worry! We will live in peace under the rule of a ruthless organization, but with as few losses as possible. The Avatar will come here later, we will attack from the inside and the Avatar from the outside, we will knock them down!"

The leader : "Yeah.. I think so.. Are you sure ?"

Jimg : "As never before"

The leader : "I'm counting on you, everybody in this town is counting on you. You have to be sure, and think good. I am listening to you because I believe that you are the most clever person in this city, I hope I am not wrong"

Jimg : "Thank you"

The leader was worried, but Jimg was smiling.

Zuko arrived at sunset to the Fire Nation Capital, while Aang knew he will wake up to a journey to the Fire Nation Capital, to the meeting that would be decisive.

Zhao announced in Gaoling the same he announced in New ZeaZhao before :

Today is a great day in history! Today I announce the creation of a new nation, since the Fire Nation is keeping stupid balance, they are no way our friends! We, the Old Glory Nation are free! We can firebend, earthbend and do whatever we want without being related to a stupid element! The crowd cheered, some of them without wanting to, Zhao continued You are the people of the Old Glory Nation, should fight when ordered along with your leader, the Old Glory Gang, which consists of five members : The leader, Zhao. The heir to the leader, Jong Kong. The leader's first assistant, Hiku. The leader's second assistant, Roy Dest. And the leader's third assistant, Fu Gan. the crowd cheered once again. The leader is always a firebender, his son is the heir, and so on. If the leader had no children, he will choose the heir out of the nation. The first assistant is an earthbender always, the second and third can be anyone. Evey assistant chooses his heir from the nation, and that's it!

The crowd cheered heavily this time.

The day ended as Zhao went to sleep at his new headquarters in the new capital of the Old Glory Nation, Gaoling, while New ZeaZhao was considered a city in the Old Glory Nation. The headquarters of the Old Glory Gang was the conquered former Bei Fong Estate. Aang slept at his home at Katara City, and Zuko slept at the Fire Nation Palace, both thinking about the decisive meeting.

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