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Zhao Jr. is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is a skilled Firebender and an officer in the Fire Nation Army. He is also the son of the late Admiral Zhao of the Fire Nation Navy. A veteran of the Hundred Year War, he served in his father's invasion force in the Siege of the North.


Early Life and Career

Zhao Jr. grew up in the Fire Nation during the latter stages of The War as the son of Admiral Zhao and his wife. Following in his father's footsteps, Zhao Jr. joined the Fire Naton Army at a young age and fought in many battles, mainly against the Earth Kingdom. He idolized his father and regarded him as a hero. He was drafted into his father's invasion force during the Siege of the North against the Northern Water Tribe. He fought with distinction and slew many of the Northern Water Tribe's warriors and Waterbenders. However, he was wounded during the latter stages of the battle, just before his father went to hunt the Moon Spirit in the Spirit Oasis. Because of this, Zhao Jr. was recovering aboard one of the ships in his father's fleet when the Fire Nation forces were driven out. Zhao Jr. survived, being lucky enough to be on board one of the few ships unaffected by Avatar Aang and Ocean Spirit La's onslaught.

Spring - Summer 100 AG

Devastated by his father's death, Zhao Jr. continued to serve until the end of The War. He was a mid-ranking officer in the successful Fire Nation invasion of the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. He served in the occupation force following the conquest, spending time as a prison guard to King Bumi. However, he was transferred back to the Fire Nation before the Day of Black Sun and thus was not present when Bumi single-handedly liberated the city.

Hatred of Zuko

Following the end of the War, Zhao Jr. was among those in the Fire Nation who regarded the new Fire Lord Zuko and his friendliness with the other nations and the Avatar with contempt. Outwardly, Zhao Jr. remained loyal to his government in the months after Zuko's coronation. On the inside, however, he regarded Zuko as a traitor and a usurper and did not believe that he was the legitimate ruler of the Fire Nation. Zhao Jr. blamed Zuko for his father's death at the Siege of the North and began to plot his downfall. Indeed, Zhao Jr. came to believe that Zuko and his uncle Iroh had always been traitors to the Fire Nation, that they were never really hunting the Avatar and that they were secretly on the Avatar's side from the very beginning. He also thought that Zuko never properly defeated his sister Azula in their final Agni Kai, having "cheated" by having Katara there to fight alongside him.

Attempt to Overthrow Zuko

Four years after the Hundred Year War ended, Zhao Jr. plotted a coup to depose Fire Lord Zuko and replace him with his sister, Azula. He recruited a platoon of like-minded soldiers whom he would lead in this endeavor. The head of security in the palace got wind of the plan and informed Zuko two days ahead of time. Zuko managed to evade Zhao Jr. by changing the guard to throw the conspirators coordination off balance and inviting the rest of Team Avatar to assist him. Despite these setbacks, Zhao Jr. went forward with his plan and led a large group of soldiers into the palace intending to murder Zuko in his sleep and consolidate power once he was dead. Zuko was aware of this and well-prepared for it. Zuko and the rest of Team Avatar laid waste to the henchmen and successfully put down the attempted coup, with a little help from Mai at the end throwing stilettos at Zhao Jr.'s arm and preventing him from firebending at Zuko from behind. After the fight, Zuko briefly interrogated Zhao Jr., who insulted Zuko and told him what he really thought about him. Zhao Jr. was subsequently led away and eventually imprisoned at the Boiling Rock.


Like his father, Zhao Jr. is forward, power-hungry and highly-ambitious. If he sees an advantage for himself or a weakness in his opponents he has no hesitation whatsoever in exploiting it. He is ruthless towards both his allies and his enemies. If there is something to be gained for him in backstabbing someone who is supposed to be his friend, he will waste no time in taking action on it and has no remorse in doing so.

He is very vindictive and holds strong grudges when he feels he has been wronged. He is relentless in his pursuit for revenge against Zuko and Aang – mostly Zuko – for killing his father and bringing shame to the Fire Nation.

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