By SSJ-Trunks Part of the The Black Shadow continuity.

This Zhao is the one featured in the fanon The Black Shadow by SSJ Trunks.

Commander Zhao
Biographical information

Fire Nation




Water Tribe 100A SC
Now Revived

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Shinzo's Spear, Fire

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Black Shadow


Fire Lord Shinzo


Fire Lord Shinzo

First appearance

Red Dawn

Voiced by

SSJ Trunks


Zhao was a Captain, then Commander and later, being promoted by Fire Lord Ozai personally, an Admiral in the Fire Nation Navy. He was a master Firebender, and a rival to the banished Prince Zuko. One of the most powerful men in the Fire Nation, Zhao took it upon himself to capture the Avatar, Aang, and nearly succeeded at least once. Other than Prince Zuko, Admiral Zhao was the main antagonist of Book One, being responsible for besieging the Northern Water Tribe and temporarily killing the Moon Spirit, before his death.

Nearly a year later the defeated Fire Lord Shinzo revived him to use as a host while he recharged his life energy. Zhao slaughtered all the people at the Northern Water Tribe and robbed them of their life force to regenerate his master. He later used his new powers to reclaim his sunken flagship (Hell's Anvil). His current location is unknown and is possibly responsible for attacks by rebel factions. He later took his ship and, generating a dark energy shield attacked Zuko's fleet and sunk over 5 ships. He engaged Aang in battle but it was interrupted by Avatar Shinzu, who had possessed Aang. Shinzu blasted Zhao to the bottom of the sea but to everyone's amazement Zhao somehow survived. He is later killed by a newly revived Shinzo.


Master Level Firebending- Zhao has access to Shinzo's legendary Firebending.

High Level Resistance to Pain- Zhao can handle extreme amounts of pain making sure it doesn't harm his focus.

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