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Fire Nation emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Ember Island beach
Zhangzi Village
Physical information

Outer Fire Nation


Small village

Form of Government
  • Local democracy
  • Loyal to the Fire Nation central government
Head of State

Fire Lord Zuko


Fire Nation gold coin

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Zhangzi Village is a small town on the outskirts of the Fire Nation. It boasted a small population, and was relatively overlooked throughout the entire war by the Fire Nation government. This allowed it to remain free of the draft and the authority of the Fire Lord.

Before Guardian Edit

During the War Edit

Zhangzi was almost completely overlooked when it came to drafting troops for the military, so it was allowed more freedom than the communities in the inner Fire Nation. The residents of the village also were frequented by wounded soldiers returning home, so they grew a large resentment to the war. The residents also sent an anonymous letter to Fire Lord Azulon to end the war, but he burnt it after he read it. It was also mentioned that the village only had a population of about 200.

Appearance in Guardian Edit

After the war, the villagers expected to have a return to peace. Unfortunately, the Firefighters had other plans. They invaded the village lead by Mitros. The villagers were unprepared and many were massacred. Almost all the Firebenders from the village were killed, though others escaped and those who surrendered were imprisoned. One young Firebender, Zhentu, managed to escape and went to a nearby island. There he attracted the attention of Team Avatar and they decided to help him liberate his town.

Locations Edit

Makeshift Prison Edit

When the Firefighters took over the town, they imprisoned the Firebenders in a large open building on the outskirts of the town. The firebenders here were released by Team Avatar when they were discovered. Those who were stored in the prison were angry that they were betrayed, and wanted to get revenge, so they helped.

Open forum Edit

Due to having such a small population, the town had many open areas, which were of great use during the battle. One open area is near a coast, providing a source of water for the Firefighters.

Notable figures Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The longest battle until this point will be fought here.
  • It is based off a combination of Fire Fountain city and Ember Island.

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