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By Avatarstate12 Part of the The Legend of Kyoko continuity.
Zhì Kuài
Biographical information

Zhi Zhi(by Rumon), Doodles(by Ding)


Fire Nation


Earth Kingdom; Fire Nation

Birth place



Ba Sing Se

  • 15 in Book One: The Elements and Book Two: Bionics
  • 16 in Book Three: Growth and Book Four: Past
  • 17 in Book Five: Triad
  • 18 in Book Six: Flight & Suffocation and Book Seven: Lotus

10,408 A.G.


10,427 A.G.


18 years


Jiantou(as the Nonbender in Team Avatar); Jing(reincarnate)



Physical description





5' 10"



Hair color
  • Blonde(Dyed) in Book One: The Elements and Book Two: Bionics
  • Blonde(Natural) in the Rest of the Series
Skin color
  • Pale(Originally)
  • Tan
Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
Fighting style(s)

Tai Chi; Hung Gar

Bending style(s)





Kyoko; Zenkai; Rujean(Step-Mother); Chai Tin


Team Avatar, Rujean(formerly)



Chronological and political information

Fighter, Assassin, Air Princess' Body Guard(formerly)


Nonbending Member of Team Avatar


Team Avatar; Spirit World; Raava


Yong Shi

First appearance

Brains to Brawn

Last appearance

The Mercury

Zhì Kuài was a nonbender part of Team Avatar during Avatar Kyoko's time. She is the best of all nonbenders and can take down/fight a Combustionbender without even getting close to being blown up. Her abilities grew from the moment she started training at age 5. She became so agile and powerful, she was able to fight Kyoko with only getting a minimum of 3 hits landed on her. When her sister was going through tough times, she helped her through them. When Kyoko tried committing suicide, Zhì Kuài was there to save her and help her. She convinced her that she needed to hang on and that everything would be alright. After being subjected to poison and electrocuted continuously by a ninja and being traumatized and weakened greatly, she was still able to show great strength and effort in battle against herself, and winning with Kyoko's help.

Early Life

When she was a little girl, she lived in Hira'a with her birth mother and her husband. When she was 2, she moved to Ba Sing Se to be with her father after her step-father died. Her mother left her with Chai-Tin and would visit 4 times a week. Her mother died one day after being mugged, she was 5. She immediately had a strong bond with Kyoko.

Modern Ba Sing Se

When she moved to Ba Sing Se, it took a lot to adjust to the hustle and bustle of city life

She looked up to her big sister her whole life and followed her example. When she was old enough to understand, it took Zhì Kuài a while to get used to being in a city. When she was 6, she got enrolled in Master Huyia's Earthbending Academy to see if she was an Earthbender. Although not able to bend, she was able to dodge every single attack thrown at her. Chai Tin took her to a Firebender he knew to teach her Firebending, although not able to bend, Zhì Kuài was able to dodge every attack. Zenkai decided to have his friend's parents teach her Airbending and Waterbending. Once again, she didn't bend but she was able to dodge every attack. When realized that she was a nonbender, Chai Tin enrolled Zhì Kuài in an academy for Nonbenders. She quickly excelled to the top of her class, graduating by the time she was 7. When she was 10, after Kyoko graduated from Elementary School, her whole family took a trip to Republic City so Chai Tin could talk to the owner of the Republic City Power Plant about owning the branch in Ba Sing Se, as the workers all had potential and effort, but the owner paid poorly and didn't treat them right. After hearing his argument, he agreed to come back to Ba Sing Se to fire the man and give Chai Tin the job, first sending a letter saying he would be coming for a performance review, the same day the owner would act nice for once.

While in Republic City, Zhì Kuài met Rumon, a 10 year old Waterbender who was the son of one the members of Fire Ferrets. She immediately was attracted to him, and him to her. They quickly started dating, much to Zenkai and Chai Tin's dismay. But, the love could not last, as she was going back to Ba Sing Se the next day. But, Rumon's mother and father got a better job opportunity in the Middle Ring for the Pro-bending Team, The Blue Lotus. Upon getting back to Ba Sing Se, she went on her second date with Rumon. After getting home with Zenkai, who picked her up, she talked to him about their father's reaction. He told her that Chai Tin was just being protective of her, and that she had nothing to worry about. Years went by and her she excelled in martial arts, being able to face Chai Tin, Kyoko, Zenkai, Rumon, and Kyoko's boyfriend, Xiao at the same time, and not get struck with one hit, and being able to take them all down within a matter of seconds.

Republic City power plant

Chai Tin went to Republic City to see if the owner of the Republic City Power Plant would make him the owner of the branch in Ba Sing Se, as opposed to his boss.

Throughout her life, her sister was bullied, Zhì Kuài found out when she was 11. She thought Kyoko was so cool because she was dealing with it by ignoring it and not letting it get to her. But what she didn't know was, that a year beforehand, it did get to Kyoko. Zhì Kuài found out when she was 12 that Kyoko would come home from school and cry her eyes out. She was heartbroken and tried to help her older sister, but Kyoko said she was fine. After Earth Avatar Jin Shu gave Kyoko advice, Zhì Kuài saw her get slightly better over a period of months. But, when she was almost 13, Kyoko got beaten up really badly, and it allowed her barrier of confidence to go down greatly, making her more depressed over time. After doing her homework in her room, she saw Kyoko going out the door and through the yard, she followed her sister to the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se, the highest of any of the Walls. Zhì Kuài used a grappling hook to make it to the top, still out of sight of Kyoko, she watched her Earthbend up. For thirty minutes, she watched her sister cry. Kyoko took out a vial and drank it, stood up and jumped off the wall. Screaming "No!!" she lept and grabbed Kyoko, she shot her grappling hook up and it hooked the top of the wall. She hooked Kyoko to herself with a rope and climbed. She laid Kyoko on the wall and checked to see if her heart was still beating, it was. Zhì Kuài picked up Kyoko and carried her back to their house, and put her down to sleep.


  • How Zhì Kuài's mother dies is similar to how Mako and Bolin's parents were killed, they were mugged and then murdered.
  • Zhì Kuài is shown to be really strong, able to hold herself and her 15-year-old "buff" sister, and climb up a chain.
  • Zhì Kuài checks to see if Kyoko's heart is beating to see if she was alive. The only kind of poison Kyoko had access to was a kind that would kill you in a minute, meaning she would have been dead if it hadn't been a knock-out serum.

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