By Gingalover Part of the Book Seven: Order continuity.
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United Republic of Nations - south of Republic City



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Legend of Korra: United Purgatory

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Map of URN
Zenshu is a smaller city located along the coasts of the United Republic of Nations, just south of Republic City. Despite its smaller size compared to Republic City, Zenshu is equally prosperous, yet suffers its own problems in terms of crime: most notably from Big Momma's gang. Zenshu was home for Korra for the first year since leaving Republic City and became the epicenter for the United Movement operation.

Notable areas

Shirshu Steakhouse

A highly known steakhouse located within the center of the city. Some notable dishes served include Octopi soup, roast duck turtle, and the hippo cow steak deluxe.

Mei Long Museum

The museum located in Zenshu is about as large as the City Hall in Republic City. It hosts many ancient artifacts, including artifacts from the Spirit World, such as a mummified Blimpus. It does show one of the Spirit Staffs - the Blue Heart, though it is a fake replica of the real thing.

Zenshu Police Department

The police office within Zenshu is the main area for crime to be sorted out and justice to be brought out. It is currently run by Chief Muro.

Team Avatar's home

Beifong estate

Korra's home in Zenshu

This place was home to the Team Avatar during their time in Zenshu. Since the Avatar lived there, it had the look of rich integrity to it, with a large frontal garden, and the homes further back away from the gate.

Notable residents

  • Big Momma
  • Sharp-Eye
  • Rikuu

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