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Azula's ship captain
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Physical description


Skin color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Double bladed pike
Fighting style(s)

Red Guards, Azula


Zuko, Iroh, Earth Kingdom

Chronological and political information
  • Air Force Marshall
  • Fire Navy Captain (formally)
  • Red Guard Captain (formally)
Zenji was a captain in the Fire Lord's Red Guards, later in the Fire Navy, and was made a Marshall in the Fire Nation Air Force.



In the late part of The War, Zenji was a captain in the Red Guards, an elite unit of Firebenders that guarded the Fire Nation Royal Family. After serving in it for several years, he was promoted to captain and was given command of Azula's Royal Barge.

Later, when Azula planned to capture traitors Iroh and Zuko, Zenji messed up and the plan failed. Zuko pushed him and he fell off the walking ramp that connected the ship to the dock, and fell into the water. Afterwards, he was removed from the Procession for being so incompetent.


Zenji was transferred into the Fire Nation Navy and was a captain stationed onboard Admiral Liang's Empire-class Battleship in the southern Earth Kingdom.

When Phoenix King Ozai was preparing the Fire Nation Airship fleet for attacking the Wulong Forest in the Earth Kingdom, he didn't have enough captains, and so he transferred Zenji back to give him another chance, and gave him command of his Royal Airship.


At Wulong Forest, Zenji was promoted to Major and led the fleet to the Earth Kingdom, and made sure to travel ahead of the other airships.

When Aang used Earthbending to knock out the Royal Airship's engines, it crashed, bur remained largely intact so the ship and the crew, including Zenji, survived.

After the battle, the Airships were rebuilt and Zenji was promoted to Marshall.

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