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By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.
Chief Zeng
Biographical information

Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribes

Physical description


Hair color
  • White
  • Bald (After the accident)
Skin color
  • White
  • Yellow (After the accident)
Personal information
Weapon of choice



The Avengers, Water Tribes, The Snow Queen, Rakki, Ice Creatures, S.H.I.E.L.D



Chronological and political information

Ruler of Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

The Snow Queen

Zeng is the current chief of the Northern Water Tribe and father of The Snow Queen.


Early Life

His early life was largely unknown but at some point, the "accident" that cause by Blizzard was nearly kill him and turn him to be a big, fat, yellow skin creature-like. Blizzard repaid him by create the bio-legs that combine with computer for him to keep him alive.

360 AG

The Snow Queen is Born

Five years since his daughter got the powers of ice, her powers are getting only stronger and stronger everyday. One day skin of Yuki start to change into blue, hair into white and temperature in her body was turn to be negative and now can't control herself and freeze everything and everyone she's touched. To save people that she loved and be called by Blizzard who is his own vizier as sorceress, Yuki's escape from the Royal Palace to the mountain far away somewhere that no one will find her.


He is a caring and very protective his only daughter. All he wanted is to be a better father for the Snow Queen.




As he was born in the Northern Water Tribe, he can use waterbending.


  • After the accident, he must sit on the computer every time.
  • Sometimes, he's never understand his vizier.

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