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By Alexdpny Part of the Avatar: Spirit Chronicles continuity.
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Early Life

Zeng was born as the Prince of Omashu but only if his older brother could not be King. He was revealed to be the Avatar on the day of his brother's coronation. Because of this, his brother became extremely jealous and began to hate Zeng.


Zeng traveled to all four nations on his journey to master the elements. During his travel through the Foggy Swamp he met a Waterbender named Luto. The two became friends and practiced Waterbending together. Luto accompanied Zeng back to Omashu.

Return to Omashu

Zeng returned to Omashu after mastering all of the elements. He expected a warm welcome home but instead his brother, who had become a tyrannical ruler, order the quards to attack Zeng. Zeng fought back and eventually defeated his brother. Zeng became the new ruler of Omashu who helped rebuild it.

Later LIfe

Zeng met a beautiful and wealthy woman while travelling the world and had a child with her. He never knew of this child and the family continues to be the richest family in Gaoling. This makes Toph and Aang Spiritually related. After taking the throne he married a woman and had a child with her. His family still rules Omashu today. This also makes Bumi spiritually related to Aang.


Zeng was a powerful Avatar who managed to take back Omashu from his brother. His signature move was shifting the earth beneath himself and his opponents to help dodge and land attacks.

Preceded by
Avatar in the Spirit Chronicles continuity
c.855 BG - c.700 BG
Succeeded by

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