By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Earth Kingdom

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Animal shapeshifter


Spirit Tribe, Aang

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Spirit tribe

First appearance

Book 4: Air (only appearance)

Zen-Coi is the oldest member and leader of the Spirit Tribe. Like the other members, Zen-Coi can change into a spirit animal, in his case a large Ox.

His role is small yet important. He first appears as his Ox form when Gold-Wing and Blue-Feather came in to bring him Aang. When he came in, Zen-Coi then asked about the Phoenix weapon. When Aang said he was hit with it, Zen-Coi had decided to lend him a special power to stop not only the weapon but the whole enemy army as well. He placed an artifact from each nation together and fused their elements with a guilder, making the only weapon guarantee to end the war for good. He gave it to Aang and warns him that the power of the staff can only be used once when it's wings open.

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