Longshot fights
Zaru Emerges
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The Final Avatar


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16 December, 2010

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Zaru's Rescue Operation


Avatar Zaru is dreading the day the Earth King attacks. He trains only to find out the Earth Kingdom has started the attack. They hurt him more than he could imagine.


It was a dark room. There was one candle in the corner, flickering over the scene. There was the silhouette of a young man.

"I can do this," he told himself. "I can do this."

Then, three human sized figures shot at him. He waved his arms, and...

Flash! Flash! Flash! Three fireballs flew across the room. The first one hit one of the dummies right in the face. The second one hit the second dummy in the chest. The third...

There was a flower in the corner of the room on fire. A fourth fireball shot through the door, and struck the ground under the man. The fire materialized into an old man. The younger one jumped when the old man appeared out of nowhere.

"Uhg. That was my favorite flower," the old man said.

"Just stop doing that Erus!" the younger one said.

"Please remain calm Zaru. I am simply Firebending, just as you are." said the one called Erus.

"At least I don't show off by jumping into everyone's faces!" Zaru said.

"Calm boy, calm. The Avatar must be able to control his emotions." said Erus.

"I don't want that stupid job," grunted Zaru. He emphasized the word stupid.

"I'm sorry, but that is not your choice to make. You understand that Earth King Boli is out there right now, preparing his army to attack.

"You know very well the Fire Nation has an army ready!" shouted Zaru. His voice echoed across the room.

"The Fire Nation army will help. But the ultimate job is to the Avatar," Erus said, "Now continue your training."

Zaru scowled, and walked back into the center of the room, where more dummies shot at him. A stream of fire made one disintegrate, and he shot little sparks at the other two. Erus shrunk into a small ball of fire, and blasted away.

Later that night, Zaru was laying in bed, wide awake. He couldn't get to sleep. It was true that he was the Avatar. He'd known that since his parents told him last year. He just didn't like the idea of it. So much was weighing on his shoulders. It felt like another bus was being thrown onto him every minute. Eventually he heard rumbling. Bummph! Bummph! It almost sounded as if his house was falling in on itself. He looked up and he saw...


How could he have possibly missed that?! He leaped out of his bed, and stood in a fighting position. BOOM! His entire house fell into little pieces. Even though his house was a pile of rubble, he couldn't see his parents room from his. This was the first time he regretted owning a mansion. Just then, three Earth Kingdom soldiers walked up to him. They wore bright green uniforms, with the Earth Kingdom symbol on them. By the markings on their uniforms, he could tell they were all generals. Not good. Behind the generals, there must have been another hundred soldiers. He swung his foot around, jetting fire off of it. A gigantic column of earth rose up in front of the general he tried to toast. The column shot back into the ground, and the general spoke.

"I am Head General Voe of the Earth Kingdom. By order of the Earth King, I must execute you. Though I can give you a choice. You can choose a painful death, or, an even more painful death!"

"Hmm..." Zaru said. "I guess I'll have to choose..."

Zaru punched air, and a fireball nailed the general right in the stomach.

"KILL HIM IMMEDIATELY!" he screamed.

Hundreds of boulders raised into the air.

"There may be no Airbenders to be born into," he thought, "but I'm going to have to die."

Then, out of nowhere, a bright ball of flames shot down at the ground, and turned into Erus.

Longshot fights

Zaru and Erus fighting

"I thought I told you not to be a stupid idiot!" Erus exclaimed

"I am not a stupid idiot!" Zaru shouted.

"You're both stupid idiots!" said Voe, who just couldn't resist saying that.

Erus grabbed Zaru, and blasted away. In the next instant, they were safe in Erus' House.

Then, a terrible thought came across Zaru.

"WAIT! My parents are still in there!" screamed Zaru.

"There's nothing you can do. Besides, your father is a great fighter. He'll find a way out." said Erus.

Zaru ignored the old man's warning, and burst out the door.

"ZARU!" Erus shouted.

After ten minutes of running towards his house, a fireball appeared at his feet. It changed into his master's form. Erus' eyes had tears in them.

"I was already there. He... h-he was t-trying to p-protect your mm-m-mother. They took her!"

Zaru fell to his knees. At this point he was sobbing.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Then, his grief turned into anger. Fire blew out of his mouth like a dragon. His eyes began to glow.


But it was too late. His extreme anger had brought on the Avatar State. The next thing Zaru knew, the Avatar State was over. Everything within one hundred feet of him was obliterated.

The only thing not torn to bits, was Erus. Zaru smelled a burning smell, and looked down to see his clothes singed. Erus had blasted him with fire.

"I apologize Erus. I... I lost control." said Zaru.

"We are descended from the great king Zuko! I will not have my great nephew behave like this!" Erus exclaimed.

"I want to kill them all! Every last one of them!" Zaru yelled.

"Come with me. Before you lay a finger on any Earthbender, you must learn how to fight." Erus said.

"I can fight." Zaru said.

"You can only fight with Firebending. You must learn the other three bending arts." Erus pointed out.

"You know very well the Airbenders are extinct!" Zaru said in an annoyed tone.

"Yes, this is quite a delay. Breaking the Avatar cycle would be very troubling. Avatars have been training that way for a long time." said Erus.

And the two flew back to the old man's house, wondering how he was going to learn Airbending.

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