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Zaru's Rescue Operation
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The Final Avatar


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16 December, 2010

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Zaru Emerges

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The Idea of a Lifetime


After Zaru's mother Kyoh and great uncle Erus are kidnapped my the evil King Boli, he must rescue them. But he'll need a little help...


Zaru woke up. He had the same dream he's been having for the last week: His father's ghost yelling at him about not saving him, while he tried to fight Earth Soldiers. This troubled him to the point where he needed to talk to his great uncle Erus. Erus was king Zuko's grandson, and brother of the Fire Lord. So was Zaru's grandfather.

After that rude back story interruption: Zaru went to his great uncle's room to find...

There were a bunch of earth soldiers next to a giant rock dome. Head general Voe shouted:

"YOU GOT THE WRONG ONE YOU FOOLS! I SAID GET THE KID! YOU GOT THE OLD GUY!" he said that louder than Zaru thought possible.

"Kid?" Zaru asked.

"Old guy?" came from the dome.

"Uncle! Fly out of their trap!" Zaru said.

"I probably would, if there wasn't A BIG ROCK in the way!" Erus shouted.

"Kill the Avatar! There are no Airbenders to be born into! He will die!" said Voe.

Hundreds of little rocks hovered in the air, then all at once, the flew right at him like bullets! He swept his arm, and a blast of fire came off of it. Unfortunately, it wasn't powerful enough to fry them. He jumped out of the way as the rock shot the wall behind him. He kicked towards a guard, and he was hit by a fiery explosion. Voe began to run away, having the dome roll away with him. From the dome, Zaru heard:

"Ouch! Oouu! Oof! Getting rolled around in a gigantic rock ball isn't as fun as it sounds! And it sounds terrible I might add!"

One of the earth soldiers waved at him, and they all sunk into the ground as if it where quicksand. Zaru fell over, and wept. He had already lost his father to death, and had his mother kidnapped. Now the man closest to him was taken away.


He began to enter the Avatar State. Then he saw a woman. She looked noble, in elegant green robes, a fine face, and good posture. Then, Zaru realized it was a member of the Earth Kingdom. Zaru swung his arms around, but nothing happened. He started swinging his limbs like a monkey, hoping for fire. Then, he realized he looked like an idiot, and stopped.

"I am Avatar Terra. I was born an Earthbender, but I am not evil. You must remain calm. Accidentally going into the Avatar State can be dangerous. I would know."


"Go back now. The world needs you."

Then, Zaru went back to Earth. He didn't get up for the first minute. He probably would have stayed there another hour if three girls in Earth Nation clothes didn't drop from the sky. Ignited by his hatred of the Earth Nation, he shot fireballs at the girls, but they deflected them with metal fans.

"Stop shooting, Avatar! We are the Kyoshi Warriors. Or, what's left of them. After the Earth Kingdom turned evil, they hunted down and killed all things good. Including the Kyoshi Warriors. My name is Paal."

After meeting the Avatar that lived before him, he thought he couldn't be surprised by anything. Then he meets the Kyoshi Warriors.

"I don't want your company."

"Do not judge harshly Avatar. Just because we are members of the Earth Kingdom, it does not mean we are evil. Now we can help you infiltrate the palace of the Earth King, as long as you let us help."

He reluctantly invited them inside for the night. The next morning, they prepared for the infiltration.

"The Kyoshi Warriors and I will go on ahead, and remove all of the guards. Then you will move in, and free your friends."

Zaru knew the plan wouldn't work. They would sound the alarms. Someone would get captured. Something. But Paal seemed like a good strategist, so he decided to trust her judgment. An hour later, they were at the palace. The Kyoshi Warriors were disguised as earth soldiers. Without a word they ran off to the castle. Zaru waited, and waited, then he ran in. Sure enough, all of the guards were unconscious. He kept going, until...

Gigantic bells were ringing. Alarms! Then he thought:

"But there are no earth soldiers here. If they aren't after me, they must be after..."

He ran towards the dungeons at full speed.

"You! Stop!" an earth soldier shouted.

An earth spike flew at him, but he dodged it and blasted the earth soldier with a fireball. At least that's what he tried to do. The fireball came out as a spark.

"Oh, Come on!" he said. The earth soldier shot a boulder on him. Zaru jumped onto the rock, climbed to the top, and landed on the soldier. He tried again, and got a good stream of fire. He continued on running. Eventually, he made it to the dungeons and saw four people locked up. The two Kyoshi Warriors that accompany Paal, Erus, and...

"MOM!" Zaru shouted.

"Zaru!" she exclaimed, "I thought you were dead!"

"I told you Kyoh. Zaru is an adept fighter." Erus reminded her.

Zaru summoned a stream of fire, and fried the dungeon cells. Kyoh raced out of her cell, and grabbed her son.

"Where's Paal?"

One of the Kyoshi Warriors spoke.

"She was running to the throne room when we were captured."

"That idiot. We've got to go get her!" he said.

Everyone raced to the throne room. On the throne, was king Boli himself. There were about ten guards in the room, and two of them were holding Paal. With one kick, a wave of fire blasted around the room. But these weren't ordinary soldiers. They were the honor guards. They easily dodged the fire.

"Toks!" Boli shouted "Have your men get them!"

"Yes your majesty!" Toks said, "KILL THEM ALL!"

Just then Paal stomped her foot, and the ground under the guards holding her flew up, crushing them on the ceiling.

"Kyoshi Warriors can Earthbend?" asked Zaru.

"Most cannot," said the Kyoshi Warrior next to him, "but Paal is a special case."

The guards summoned boulders, and through them at Paal, but she was just as quick. She destroyed all of the boulders, and countered with her swords. Zaru kicked fire into the air, blasting all of the guards back.

"NO! My throne room!" Boli shouted.

Zaru grabbed the man called Toks.

"Oh, kill him. I don't care." The cruel king said.

Zaru threw him, and confronted the Earth King.

"I am not called the Master of Stone for nothing, foolish boy." Boli said.

"You're called the Master of Stone?" Zaru asked.

Just then, a boulder as big as a bus struck Zaru. At that point, only one thing was on everyone's mind:

"Run!" Zaru yelled.

They all ran down the hall, being chased by earth soldiers. Zaru had to blast 13 of them before they got out. They all ran to Erus' House.

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