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Zao is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian.


Zao grew up in a family of Firebenders, with a father who was wounded from his military service. His parents were reluctant for him to join the military, though Zao joined anyway.

Zao was considered a good soldier, risking his life to save other soldiers while also being a brutal combatant. Towards the end of the War, he was promoted, giving him command of his group of soldiers. After the War ended, Zao's entire group joined the Phoenix Warriors to maintain their lifestyle. Eventually, he assigned to Taku, along with his group.

He was seen sitting around a campfire, talking with the members of his group after the Phoenix Warriors abandoned Taku. He orders some of his group to investigate a large thud he heard a distance away. He is eventually ambushed by Team Avatar, and is encased rock. He is interrogated by the team after his group is defeated, and almost reveals where the Phoenix Warriors are headed. He is killed by one of his group members before he can reveal their plans, forcing Team Avatar to head blindly north.


Zao had the typical soldier's personality, with loyalty being a dominant trait. He also was a firm believer in Phoenix King Ozai's plan for the world, favoring the Fire Nation over the remainder of the world. Zao was prone to rant about areas that he is knowledgeable in, shown by his speech towards Zuko slightly before his death.


Zhao attacks

Zao Firebending earlier in life


Zao was an adept Firebender, though he was not at the level of a master. He was able to create blasts of fire, arcs of fire, and able to deflect some fire blasts from others.


  • Zao means "small" in Chinese, denoting his small role in the series.
  • Zao was originally an unnamed character.

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